Der Spiegel lies about Russia and Ukraine at every opportunity

Der Spiegel ["the Mirror"] is just a sample of the Western Press



Propaganda in Der Spiegel: How Der Spiegel lies at every opportunity about the Ukraine conflict
Is Der Spiegel “lying press” or at just “omission press”? When it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, yes to both. This can easily be seen today in a recent Spiegel article on the agreed ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

New Year is the most important holiday of the year in Russia and also in the Ukraine, just as Christmas is in Germany. They exchange presents, celebrate the most important celebration of the year with family and friends. On this occasion, a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine has now been agreed. For all who do not know, the civil war in East Ukraine is still going on, even if the German press rarely reports about it. There are deaths there almost every day.The Spiegel reports on this truce today in an article, but of course not without gratuitous untrue swipes on Russia.

In their New Years truce story Der Spiegel adds: “The Russian Coast Guard had in late November in the Black Sea off the Kerch Strait forcibly captured three Ukrainian boats with 24 crew members.” That sounds pretty bad: The Russians have just so “violently captured” Ukrainian boats. Unheard of.

Does the average reader of Der Spiegel still know what happened about a month ago? Barely. As a reminder, Ukrainian naval vessels seriously transgressed Russian waters on November 25, failed to respond to radio messages for hours, and were eventually detained. And Der Spiegel need not be stupid, they know that very well.

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It is about the passage of the Kerch Strait into the Sea of Azov, where local pilots have to be requested to get through the channel. Russia denies no one the passage, they only organize the passage and steer the ships through the strait: just in September, Ukrainian warships registered for the passage and passed through easily. This time Ukraine did not register for the passage and trespassed the Russian waters. Der Spiegel knows all that, because on the very next day, November 26, they wrote: “The Ukrainian authorities said they had announced in advance the transfer of their naval vessels, but received no response from the Russian side.  Thus Moscow and Kiev contradict each other.”

This version, that Kiev registered for the passage, was later no longer maintained, because Kiev can not prove this and even then even no longer claimed it. On the contrary, the ships were ordered to violate Russian waters, as we know today. The Russians published the seized logbooks and orders of the ships, and their authenticity was not denied by Ukraine.

But this is either not reported in Germany or it is presented as a mere Russian statement. The goal was indeed reached: For this violation of the Russian border by Ukrainian warships, the Western press accused not Ukraine, but Russia. Absurd, but as seen, Der Spiegel, like other media, leaves the actual story aside and speaks only of the fact that Russia has forcibly detained the ships.

By definition, this is disinformation or propaganda because important facts are deliberately omitted and the desired picture of an enemy is created.This obvious anti-Russian propaganda in Der Spiegel, which has only the goal — with lies, half-truths and omitting the relevant information — of raising public opinion against Russia. But in Germany, they call it “quality journalism”.

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