DIRECT BROADCAST: Parade Commemorating the Defeat of the Nazi Blockade of Leningrad

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ST. PETERSBURG, Russian Federation – At this moment, a solemn military parade is being held in St. Petersburg to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the successful defeat of the German blockade of the city, then known as Leningrad.

More than two thousand servicemen are now marching on Palace Square, and the latest military equipment will also be displayed in the parade. An important guest of the commemorative event will be Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The siege of Leningrad was lifted on January 27, 1944 — it was on this day that the Red Army forced the Nazis to retreat. Despite the fact that there was still nearly a year and a half of war ahead, and the city was drained of resources, the people of Leningrad left their homes to celebrate the end of the siege. The operation was fully completed on January 30th – a corridor 8-11 km wide was formed along the bank of the Neva, which allowed Leningrad to establish a land connection with the country.

The parade takes place under the command of the troops of the Western Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev. Vladimir Putin has not yet arrived on Palace Square yet: his flight may be delayed due to weather conditions.


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