Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy: Improvement? No.

More sanctions, more "democracy," more of treating Russia as a threat to Democracy and Europe


Elizabeth Warren, being the proponent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has great liberal cred. If she becomes the American President, what can we expect?

She has published her vision  of US Foreign Policy. She says many of the right things, but the very title of her article in Foreign Affairs gives it away:

Strengthening Democracy—at Home and Abroad

We are not naive, and we know what this means, and it shows through at several points. Consider this one: “efforts to bring capitalism to the global stage unwittingly helped create the conditions for competitors to rise up and lash out. Russia became belligerent and resurgent.” And the link goes to an article by Michael McFaul! Russia being resurgent is in our hopes, but in context with “belligerent” her assertion is simply doctrinaire.

And in her view, Russia is “revanchist:”

The foreign policy with 17 years of war in Afghanistan  “has distracted Washington from growing dangers in other parts of the world: a long-term struggle for power in Asia, a revanchist Russia that threatens Europe…” 

One of her complaints against Trump is, we must admit, valid: his pulling out of the INF and the JPOA was pure belligerency and did in fact spur “a new nuclear arms race with Russia.”

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She offers a glimmer of hope only where she echos Trump: “It’s time to seriously review the country’s military commitments overseas, and that includes bringing U.S. troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. They have fought with honor, but additional American blood spilled will not halt the violence or result in a functioning democratic government in either place.” And with this: “foreign policy should not be run out of the Pentagon alone.” Good luck with that, Senator Warren!

But her alignment is with pure Democratic party doctrine:  Trump shamelessly kowtows to Putin, “even in the face of Russian attacks on American democracy.”

But this next one takes the cake! “To mask its decline, Russia is provoking the international community with opportunistic harassment and covert attacks. Both nations invest heavily in their militaries and other tools of national power.” We can only ask Who is investing heavily in their military? How many falsehoods are in that sentence? And what hope can we see in Senator Warren’s vision for a peaceful world, despite her talking about reigning in US militarism?

And where she links to McFaul  it looks pretty clearly as if she is in search of a new Zbigniev Brzezinsky: “Washington must accept that Putin is here to stay and won’t end his assault on Western democracy and multilateral institutions anytime soon. To deal with the threat, the United States desperately needs a new bipartisan grand strategy.”

She will continue a policy of anti-Russian sanctions, and where she speaks of helping Europe with energy independence it means replacing Gazprom with Exxon-Mobil! “In Europe, we should work with our allies to impose strong, targeted penalties on Russia for its attempts to subvert elections, and we should work to help our European allies develop energy independence.”

We have seen enough, in her own words.

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