On Wednesday, January 23, Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets, his deputy Dmitry Zolotukhin and Secretary of State Artem Bidenko met with head of Facebook’s public policy in Central and Eastern Europe Gabriella Czech and head of the direction of public politics on Facebook election Anika Geisel.

According to Minister Yurii Stets, the security measures that the social network has implemented are verification of the pages of the Ukrainian authorities, opposition to fake news, and the removal of a large number of related fake profiles, groups and pages. According to the ministry, one of the two detected networks of bots was controlled from Russia and was used for information operations in Ukraine.

‘Fake news’ is shorthand in the U.S for news stories or analysis which goes against U.S policy. 

It is unclear to FRN at the present time whether Facebook will work to re-elect Poroshenko, or will lend its support to Tymoshenko. At the same time, Facebook is friendly towards Neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine, which as a result of the U.S backed coup in 2014, have parliamentary status as well.

Gabriella Czech noted that Facebook is serious about violations of community standards and plans to strengthen security measures during elections in Ukraine.

Anika Geisel told about one of the functions that has already become available to Ukrainian users on the eve of the electoral race. Now, in the information about the popular page, you can find out from which country its administrator and which active advertising was launched on behalf of the page.

Facebook will ban the placement of political advertising in Ukraine from other countries .

On the eve of the elections, Facebook will tighten the rules for placing political advertising in Ukraine .


from strana.ua – translated by and for FRN