Former ambassador to Ukraine says Kiev should get hellfire missiles as US retort to Kerch

Manufactured incident called 'open attack by Russian forces'


We review the bidding: The channel into the Sea of Azov is shallow and narrow: Like an American two-lane highway with one lane under construction, there is an alternation of one-way traffic. One waits for the flagman to allow entry. Similarly at the strait it is necessary to report in, await one’s turn, and have a local pilot steer.

The bridge over the Kerch Strait is highly guarded, and watched over, an obvious necessity: in May, there were calls in the west for Ukraine to blow it up. [A sample], and in November, Ukrainian warships charged the bridge. The offending warships — two PT boats and a tug — were intercepted. The West calls this “Russian Aggression.” Then, of course, the act of “Russian Aggression” is an excuse to “Make Putin Pay!”

Here is the latest, former ambassador to Ukraine, now head of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, saying “Russian forces have openly attacked Ukraine. A red line has been crossed…” [Scroll down to video at site]

We add our translation of‘s news account:

In retaliation for Kerch, the United States will arm Kiev with “hellfire”

Americans dream of punishing Putin. As the Kerch incident began to be forgotten, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, John Herbst, suddenly started up and offered to supply the Mark V PT missile boats with Hellfire missiles.

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“Putin will pay for Kerch,” Tsargrad quotes the diplomat. According to him, the reaction of the West to the detention of the Ukrainian Navy’s boats by the Ukrainian border guards was too weak. And the best way to punish Russia is to make it pay a high price for its war with Ukraine.

Russia should be taught a serious Russian lesson by 6-12 Mark V PT boats, each armed with 50-100 Hellfire missiles. In addition, the United States, according to Herbst, should supply Ukraine with at least 100 Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

It should be noted that this delivery will not significantly change the situation, since the Black Sea Fleet will cope with the boats of the Ukrainian Navy with or without “hellfire”. But the supplying them can certainly provoke conflict, all the more so since Moscow reacts to every entry of an American warship into the Black Sea.

Earlier, Kiev actually refused to take decommissioned frigates from the Americans, still suitable for service. Ukraine has no money for maintaining such expensive ships.


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