Fourth-Dimensional Weapons in Russia: Reality or Washington’s Fear Invention?


MOSCOW, Russia – US General Howard Thompson has stated that Russian hypersonic weapon technologies are far ahead of the US and can neutralize existing missile defense systems, reports The Hill.

As Thompson wrote in The Hill newspaper, warheads whose speed is often faster than sound velocity have a “fourth-dimensional effect,” neutralizing US missile defense.

The term “fourth-dimensional effect” mentioned in its publication means the qualitative increase in the speed of the attacks, so high that the enemy has no time to make a decision, and their anti-missile defense becomes useless.

“The stark reality is that our current missile defense systems, as well as our operational mindset, are simply incapable versus this threat. ,” Thompson writes.

In his view, American politicians do not understand that, with the help of hypersonic weapons, Russia and China have already significantly expanded their combat capabilities, and the US should actively develop similar armaments.

Russian expert Andrei Koshkin explained the issue of hypersonic weaponry.

“The Americans did not believe that Russia would be able to create such weapons systems, and now, after all, these weapons have been put into service, everyone has been convinced: everything we have been talking about publicly in the past decade has been done in practice,” he said.

So, according to Koshkin, the Pentagon is seeing that the US is significantly behind Russia and China, which have unique weapons, already characterized as “fourth-dimensional weaponry” because of their high speed, when there is almost no time to make a decision on a retaliatory attack.

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However, another Russian expert Viktor Murakhovsky said on Friday that the term “fourth-dimensional weaponry” used by the American general does not exist, being only a figure of speech.

“This invention, let us say, is a figure of speech that the American general decided to use in his speech. As for the parity of Russia and China in the area of ​​hypersonic weaponry, I can say that Beijing is working in this direction, but today it is unknown whether these are products that have entered the testing phase, or if they are just experiments,” he said.

Speaking about the development of hypersonic weaponry in the US, the expert noted that Washington has projects such as the Hypersonic Test Vehicle and the Advanced Hypersonic Weapons, some of which are stopped due to negative results, some continue, but also in the experimental work stage.

“Russia is the only country that has tested and commissioned hypersonic weapons. This applies to both the Avangard complex and the Kinzhal missiles,” added Murakhovsky.

The Avangard system is among the weapons whose creation was announced by President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018, during his annual address to the Federal Assembly. The missile is capable of flying in the dense layers of the atmosphere with intercontinental reach, while its speed is 20 times greater than that of sound. Avangard’s serial production was announced in July of that year, while its commissioning is expected in the coming months.

The Kinzhal is a modified version of the Iskander ballistic missile adapted for launch from Tu-22M3 bombers and MiG-31K fighters. It can attack with high precision both terrestrial targets and large enemy surface ships: aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers and frigates.

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