How Prestigious Will Vietnam Become with Fifth Generation Russian Su-57 Fighters?


MOSCOW, Russia – Vietnam’s intention to buy 12 fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighters led experts to analyze the military potential of Asian countries and to conclude that the brand new Russian fighters would be able to make the Vietnamese Air Force one of the strongest in Southeast Asia, writes Military Watch.

“As Vietnam lacks AWACS, such as the A-50, the Su-57’s advanced sensors would provide an unprecedented level of situational recognition, while Su-57’s long range and high altitude would be excellent for patrolling the disputed South China Sea, a region where China’s military presence has grown considerably,” according to the magazine.

The Su-57 fighter, armed with long-range air-to-air R-37 missiles capable of targeting 400 km, would seriously challenge Chinese air superiority. In addition, the Su-57’s great attack potential would open doors to equip it with Kinzhal X-47M2 hypersonic ballistic missiles. The new Kinzhal missiles are much more efficient than the old Scud Vietnamese missiles.

To get a sense, the new missile flies 10 times faster than the speed of sound, and the high maneuverability and accuracy makes it “very deadly as a tactical attack platform” and virtually invulnerable to the interception of missile defense.

Hypersonic missiles can reach not only land-based military targets but also enemy ships, including those capable of disabling even the largest aircraft carriers with an attack.

According to experts, the acquisition of Su-57 Russian fighters by Vietnam could be caused by Singapore’s intention to replace the old F-16 fighters with new US F-35A stealth aircraft.

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Two different Su-57 planes appear: one dark pixelated and the other lighter. According to Episkopos, this may mean that Russia has not yet chosen the most convenient option, adding that there are several ways in which camouflage can affect air performance.

According to Episkopos, the Su-57’s camouflage is for something else: it’s beautiful and a good presentation is key to attracting investors and partners, particularly India, who had frozen participation in the project. In addition, the impressive camouflage contributes to product recognition.

The fifth-generation multifunctional fighter Su-57, formerly known as the T-50 PAK FA, made its first flight in 2010.

The Su-57 fighter is intended for the destruction of all types of aerial, land and naval surface targets. Due to its high maneuverability and supersonic speed, the aircraft has a high level of efficiency and supremacy over the opponent.

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