In simple terms: know the difference between Russian S-400 and S-500 anti-aircraft systems


MOSCOW, Russia – Military expert and retired colonel Viktor Baranets compared Russia’s new anti-aircraft defense systems and explained under what circumstances the military would opt for an S-400 or an S-500.

The difference in the use of S-400 and S-500 air defense systems for professionals is evident: the S-400 system is used for common tasks, while the S-500 is used to repel more global air strikes, explained the Colonel retired to the Russian portal Tsargrad.

According to Baranets, the S-400s are armed with only one type of missile designed to ward off specific enemy threats. The S-500s, in turn, are equipped with various types of missiles.

“There is a missile designed to repel an attack from a plane or a helicopter, and there is also a missile designed to destroy a sophisticated ballistic missile, a combined method,” he said.

“The S-400 detects an enemy target at a distance of 600 kilometers and is capable of knocking it down at about 400 kilometers. At the same time, the S-500 air defense system detects [targets] and overturns them at a distance of about 600 kilometers,” added Baranets.

Although there is little information on the S-500 system, it is known that the system will be able to attack targets at a height of 95-97 kilometers – unachievable to other existing systems. This means that the system will not only be able to shoot down cruise missiles and enemy aircraft, but also intercept ballistic missile warheads out of the atmosphere.

The S-400 anti-aircraft system is capable of knocking down stealth technology, cruise missiles and tactical-tactical-tactical ballistic missiles.

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US military experts are once again discussing the promising Russian S-500 anti-aircraft missile system, alarmed by the lack of new information on the subject in Russian media, reports The National Interest.

The publisher, Mark Episkopos, begins with the fact that 2019 promises to be a successful year for Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. For example, in the near future the new S-350 Vityaz system, additional S-300V4 brigades and dozens of other modernized artillery systems should enter the Russian Army service.

Episkopos then lists some features of the S-500. In particular, the ability to use anti-ballistic missiles at a distance of 600 kilometers.

This represents 200 kilometers more than the reach of the S-400. The system is also capable of intercepting up to ten warheads flying at a speed of 6.5 kilometers per second.

“The S-500 is a coup against US prestige. Our system neutralizes US offensive weapons and outstrips all US-wide anti-aircraft missile systems,” said the Russian engineer.

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