Integrating Donbass into Russia Now Accelerating

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DONETSK, DPR – On January 28th 2019, the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, announced that the process of integration of the Republic with the Russian Federation had entered an intensive and accelerated phase.

” The integration of the Donbass with Russia has entered an intensive phase. But it is too early to say that it will be completed tomorrow, ” Denis Pushilin told reporters. 

The intensification of the integration process is reflected in the signing of an interparliamentary cooperation agreement between the Republic of Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk Popular Republics (DPR and LPR) earlier this month.

If the signing of friendship and cooperation agreements with South Ossetia could pass for an indirect connection with the neighboring country, this time it is one of the subjects of the Russian Federation which has signed an agreement with both young republics.

If we add to that that Russia is simplifying the granting of Russian citizenship for people of Donbass and those fleeing Ukraine, and that transit lines from the DPR and LPR now pass through Russia more than through Ukraine, it is easy to understand what the outcome of the Donbass is: definitive secession with Kiev and integration with its Russian big brother.

Denis Pushilin also pointed out that DPR companies will participate in events and exhibitions in Russia, and that this intensive acceleration of the integration process was linked to the aggressive rhetoric of Kiev.

”  Judging by the aggressive and negative rhetoric of Kiev, the Donbass will move away from Kiev, and get closer to what he is heading for (integration with Russia, ed),  ” added the head of the State.

It must be said that by declaring publicly that Ukraine will not grant the Donbass the special status that must be set up according to the Minsk agreements, that Petro Poroshenko (the Ukrainian President) will convince the DPR and the DPR not to return to the Ukrainian fold.

Nor will it convince Russia not to continue and speed up the process of integrating the Donbass, and not to turn its back on Ukraine in a certain way.

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For it is no different that we must take two recent statements of Alexei Pushkov, Russian senator, who has more or less proposed not to recognize the outcome of the Ukrainian presidential elections if they are clearly fraudulent (thus breaking with what had been done in 2014, when Russia had recognized Poroshenko’s election because of his election promises to end the war in the Donbass ), and who also proposed to leave the Ukrainians without gas for their learn the harsh reality .

We are negotiating new contracts with them, but what kind of new contracts with Naftogaz? This is a new opportunity for them to parasitize the transit [of DPR/LPR gas], to drag us before the international courts, to sue us, to demand foolish compensation. You know they are asking for $ 12 billion in compensation for the period when Nord Stream 2 will start operating and they will lose profits. We have never seen such a thing, they will lose 12 billion in five years and Russia must pay in advance for that! “, he declared. 

For Alexei Pushkov, it is time to let the presumptuous Ukraine bathe in its own juices, so that Kiev learn what reality is.

” It seems to me that the Kiev authorities must remain alone with their absurdities. Let them cook there without transit, and, if necessary, without gas, it does not matter. Let them face reality, there is enough to spare them all the time. Now we have to be very firm ” said Alexei Pushkov.

It must be emphasized that these remarks were not made by a politician who could be described as extremist, or who regularly makes provocative remarks.

Alexey Pushkov is not only a senator and chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s Information and Media Cooperation Committee, he is also a journalist, political scientist and historian. He has written more than 400 articles of analysis and scientific works, as well as two books, including one on geopolitics and Russia.

When he does this kind of thing, it’s not words thrown in the air without thinking about their consequences. Some Russian politicians seem to mourn the privileged (and historic) relationship between Russia and Ukraine, and understand that the upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections will bring no positive change to the situation.

The divorce thus seems to have been registered, and is reflected in this acceleration of the process of integration of Donbass with the Russian Federation, and this intensive simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship for the inhabitants of the DPR and the LPR.

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