Is the Most Powerful Tank in the World the Russian T-90S?


MOSCOW, Russia – In the world of tanks, where expensive systems and devices are gaining in popularity, the Т-90S Russians strive to demonstrate a modest profile along with high efficacy, writes the US newspaper The National Interest.

The Russian Army has suspended orders for the cheap and effective Т-90 in 2011, but Moscow continues to supply abroad the Т-90S export variant, the edition said . Russian media reported recently that Vietnam received more than 30 Т-90S and Т-90SK tanks, the first batch of the 64 tanks ordered in 2016.

The T-90, introduced by the company Uralvagonzavod in 1992, quickly became the main tank of Russian ground forces thanks to the effective combination of great firepower, maneuverability and durability, the paper wrote.

Russian engineers, not being seduced by the idea of ​​reproducing the American tank M1 Abrams or spending large sums of money on the development of an absolutely new fighting vehicle, chose the “more sober” decision, bringing together the best technologies of the Т-72 and of the Т-80, writes the author of the article.

The price of the vehicle is half the M1 Abrams’ production price, according to the edition, which has proven Russia’s advantageous strategy for attracting world-class importers of armaments that favor economically efficient and functional equipment.

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The Т-90S has become one of the most exported tanks in recent decades, having been purchased by India, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Algeria and other countries, The National Interest recalls.

In addition, even Iran, in the context of the diplomatic conflict with Washington, agreed to buy more than 30 Т-90S tanks to replace the more expensive M1 Abrams, the paper’s author noted.

The newspaper notes that the successor to Т-90S, the most powerful and most expensive Т-90MS, is proposed by Russia as a supplement to its predecessor, but not as a substitute for it. Then, Moscow strives to occupy several market segments of heavy armored vehicles, offering its Т-90S which remains a worthy variant to be used in the different medium intensity conflicts in the second and third world countries, the author said.

Although no type of weapon can ever maintain its timeliness, thanks to its rational construction, the Т-90S has proved to be quite firm on the world arms market, The National Interest concluded.

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