Japan to offer new Kuril Islands peace deal

Grant two small Kuril isles, both sides waive claims, sign peace treaty


We read in Topcor.ru:
Tokyo will make a new proposal for the Kuril Islands

The leadership of Japan, in order to obtain at least part of the Kuril Islands, is setting up conditions for Russia that it considers beneficial for both parties. As the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri reported, one of such proposals consists in the mutual refusal of any compensation.

The newspaper, referring to its own “informed sources”, reveals the essence of the idea. Both Russia and Japan should sign a waiver of mutual claims. It must be agreed at the same time as the proposed peace treaty between the two countries following the Second World War, which Tokyo insists on so much.

Shikotan and Habomai are small isles at lower center.

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Shikotan and Habomai are the small isles at lower center. When you see them on a map (I captured the image from Google Earth) it becomes clear that all Japan needs is a token, a symbolic grant, which means this offer may actually lead to a peace treaty between Japan and Russia. — Translator

The Japanese government believes that the issue of any material claims and compensations may complicate the negotiations, which are already very complex.Thus, if Russia nevertheless agrees to transfer the islands of Shikotan and Habomai to Japan, they will not demand compensation from Moscow for the so-called occupation of the Kurils.

Instead, the Japanese government will independently pay compensation to all former residents of these islands who have lost their land rights. But Russia itself will not receive any compensation for the islands, which Tokyo demands be returned, since the Japanese side believes that such claims from Russia are unfounded. For the Prime Minister of Japan, the return of at least two islands becomes a matter of principle. Earlier, he told a touching story about how, at the grave of his father, he solemnly vowed to resolve this issue.

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