Kiev Bans Ukrainians Voting from Russia


KIEV, Ukraine – The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine liquidated all polling stations in Russia. The CEC amended the decision to create polling stations on the day the presidential campaign began.

The document, which has been published by the Central Election Commission of Ukraine on its website on Monday, December 31, it is necessary that polling stations in Russia be closed, according to TASS.

Earlier on Monday , the presidential election campaigns launched in Ukraine. Documents to the CEC have already been filed by a former minister of ecology and natural resources, declared Igor Shevchenko. The second documents were brought by human rights activist Vladimir Ratush, reports “RIA Novosti” . 

The election of the President of Ukraine will be held March 31, 2019. The CEC of the country will officially announce the results of the voting before May 1. The inauguration of the newly elected head of state takes place before May 31.

There are constitutional questions which arise from this, such as the right of Ukrainians to vote from countries abroad, especially one of their primary residence destinations in the RF.

These moves appear aimed to skewing the results of any upcoming presidential election, according to a strategy devised by Poroshenko, dovetailing on the martial law which just ended.

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