Le Pen: America needs war in Europe

"The US is pursuing the goal of provoking a real war in Europe by arming Ukraine."


A needful reminder from March 24, 2017, in RT Germany:

“US needs war in Europe”: Marine Le Pen on the US arming Ukraine

During her meeting with Russian parliamentarians, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen spoke out against militarizing in Europe. She criticized the EU’s Russia policy and praised Moscow for its fight against terror.
The French politician and presidential candidate of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, today delivered several statements on controversial international affairs during her visit to Moscow.
In particular, she criticized the French government for its policy on Russia and Ukraine. This policy does not jibe with her own position.

“Today in Ukraine, we are forced to work with a government that came to power illegally following a coup on the Maidan.  It is bombarding the population of Donbass, and this is a war crime that must provoke outrage among all the protectors of human rights. But we hear very different appeals in the French media,” said Le Pen.

She also criticized the French government for “serving” Washington. “The US is moving Ukraine into NATO, which France does not prevent. The US is pursuing the goal of provoking a real war in Europe by arming the Ukraine.

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“They want to pull NATO’s zone to the Russian borders. They have been trying for years to strengthen their influence in Eastern Europe,” said Le Pen.

Le Pen also reappeared as an opponent of sanctions policy. “The sanctions are not only stupid, they are also fundamentally unfair because they are used for purposes of blackmail.We do not believe in diplomacy of threats,” she said.
Speaking to Russian parliamentarians, Le Pen also expressed her support for the use of Russian anti-terrorism in Syria and called on European politicians to work more closely with Russia in their efforts to prevent and combat terrorism.

As for RT, the French politician also expressed her lack of understanding for criticism of her contacts with Russia, as is often heard in Europe.
She sees no reason for a Cold War.

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