Maduro explains how Russia protects Venezuela from US imperialists


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela’s re-elected President Nicolás Maduro said his country receives military equipment from Russia on a regular basis, saying that he has paid all the loans on time.

Asked about the veracity of requests for aid from Russia, Maduro said that he has always received Russian support in all sectors and that there is indeed cooperation.

President Vladimir Putin has always provided us with Russia’s assistance in every way, and we welcome it with gratitude. What I asked of President Putin was for us to keep in constant contact, to have all the UN diplomatic and political support and to protect the Venezuelan truth at the international level,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

Russian-Venezuelan Cooperation

Maduro says that during his dialogue with the Russian president, Putin said that both nations would strengthen cooperation in the economic, commercial, oil, military and all sectors.

“In terms of military cooperation, we have Russian equipment of the highest level, in Venezuela we find the most advanced weapon systems, they are well positioned, all our personnel are working, they have been trained in Russia,” he said.

When asked about the proposal for new arms orders, the Venezuelan leader saic that the strategy is always to improve cooperation so that progress is made in the country’s security.

“We always have plans to move forward in cooperation to improve air defense, artillery and missile systems. We will always move forward here. Venezuela will receive the most advanced weapons in the world,” Maduro said, adding that weapons arrive in the country every day. months.

Venezuela always paid on time

“We have good financial relations with China and Russia, and they will develop, relations about financing cooperation in the wheat sector, for example. [China and Russia] are financing and we are paying on time,” he said.

Maduro also stated that “Russian wheat has been very successful in Venezuela,” and that this collaboration guarantees the Latin American country food independence and security.

“China is financing oil production and expects to increase funding in the coming months. We have strong support from China and Russia for the economic development of Venezuela.”

“Venezuela always pays on time,” Maduro said on whether the loans granted by Russia and China will be repaid.
The Venezuelan political crisis worsened on January 23, after Venezuelan National Assembly chief Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president of the country during an act carried out in the streets of Caracas and without any legality.

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey reaffirmed their support for the current Venezuelan government of Maduro, while several Latin American countries, aligned with the US and EU, ignored the current president-elect, expressing support for Guaidó. Mexico and Uruguay, however, offer assistance in mediating a political solution to the crisis.

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Master Oroko
Master Oroko
2 years ago

If the Russian Federation can just keep supplying Venezuela with more weapons, then Venezuela could have a chance.

Steve Simon
Steve Simon
2 years ago

The USA is the biggest threat to world peace.

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