Modernized Russian Bomber Poses MAJOR Threat to US Navy


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – Mark Schneider, a senior analyst at the US National Institute of Public Administration, praised the Russian bomber Tu-22M3 in an article posted on the website of the US Naval Institute.

Schneider admits that the aircraft’s new range of weapons impresses by its ability to combat ground targets and ships and represents one of the most serious threats to the US Navy.

The analyst points out that the bomber will be equipped with extremely fast long range missiles carrying nuclear and conventional warheads. He also praised Russian electronic suppression systems, which hinder the interception of the Tu-22M3.

The author believes that the United States will have to take into account the threat of this bomber for another 20 years.

In addition, the military expert recalled the development of a version of the new hypersonic Tsirkon missile and a very long-range cruise missile for the bomber.

“The US Navy must soon develop military technology and doctrine to counter this growing, far-reaching, deadly threat,” Schneider concluded.

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This comes as yesterday it was reported that a reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish Air Force tried to approach the Russian borders in the Baltic region. Following that, a Russian Su-27 fighter took off to intercept it.

A Su-27 fighter from the Russian Aerospace Force intercepted a reconnaissance aircraft from Sweden flying over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea to the Russian border with the transponder off, according to a report by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the press department of the Ministry, quoted by the Zvezda channel, “The Russian fighter crew approached a safe distance from the aerial object, identified it as a Gulfstream reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish Air Force, which was flying without transponder on.”

After that, the Swedish jet left the national border and Su-27 returned to its base, officials of the Russian military said.

Sweden, for its part, has stated that Russian Aerospace planes have violated the country’s airspace, referring to the incident that occurred on January 19, according to a statement from the Swedish Ministry of Defense.

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