MUST SEE: Maduro’s Direct Plea to American Citizens


CARACAS, Venezuela – The authorities in Caracas have produced an unusual but nevertheless ‘must see’ propaganda piece, featuring a direct plea by the legitimate and duly elected president of Venezuela, Maduro, speaking directly to U.S audiences about the situation in Venezuela, and why Americans must not support any interventionist policy on Venezuela.

The clip, produced over the last view days, has gone viral across social media networks, those controlled by the U.S and its Deep State itself.
As the ‘Color Revolution’ tactic becomes less and less useful, as governments struggling to hold onto their people’s popular and national sovereignty have become increasingly better advised, better prepared, and more proactive in working against these ‘Spring’ scenarios.

The U.S could not bribe the Venezuelan courts, or influence the judiciary. They could not buy the election or successfully deploy their Soros and NED funded NGOs who operate deceitfully as pro-democracy and pro-public health ‘agencies’.

As Maduro explains, also the U.S could not claim ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – Venezuela possesses only conventional arms. So now we’ve reached the ‘end of the line’, where the U.S can no longer hide behind either the veneer of national security nor of actual bought-and-paid for election outcomes. In the present stage, the U.S is left only with one thing – to simply ‘declare’ another man as the ‘recognized president’ of a separate, sovereign state.

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