New US Defense Strategy Revives Cold War Arms Race Between Moscow and Washington


MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s Foreign Ministry reacted to the new US missile defense strategy presented by Donald Trump on Thursday.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that Washington’s new anti-missile defense strategy would lead to a dangerous arms race in space and was equivalent to a re-launch of the Cold War era Star Wars program.

“Contrary to the claims of the authors of the study, the realization of the plans and approaches it contains will not strengthen the security of the United States or its allies and partners,” the Russian foreign ministry said.

In a statement, the ministry described the US plan as a showdown and said that would represent a blow to already fragile international stability.

Moscow has urged Washington to rethink and engage with Russia in constructive talks on the nuclear arms balance “before it is too late.”

The new document on US Defense Strategy presented by US President Donald Trump on Thursday states that North Korea, Iran, Russia and China “pose a threat” to Washington. In addition, the study recognizes space as a “new realm of war”.

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The Trump administration stressed the need to detain enemy missiles before they are launched or in the first few minutes of flight. Congress had already ordered the Pentagon to accelerate this plan, which would include the use of drones armed with lasers.

However, any expansion of the missile shield will affect other Defense priorities, such as the billions of dollars that the government has committed to investing in a new generation of nuclear weapons.

In addition, the expansion of the missile defense system would have important implications for US diplomacy in relations with Russia and China.

The Pentagon did not publish that document last year because of Trump’s attempts to persuade North Korea to relinquish its nuclear weapons. The publication of this report would have jeopardized the negotiations with Pyongyang.

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