Official Statements on Venezuelan Coup Attempt – New Resistance & Eurasian Movement


The Statement of New Resistance Brazil (NR) – authored by leadership of the Brazil section, and its local organizing committees, and endorsed by NR North America, and NR Evropa:

The US and other governments aligned to the global Atlantic project bring to Latin America a new phase in its project of almost 20 years of destabilization and regime change in Venezuela. This is a new attempt to implement a Colored Revolution, following steps already implemented in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and several other non-aligned countries.

The type of speech thrown into the media by the journalistic oligarchies is always the same: “dictatorship”, “human rights violation”, “oppression”, “political persecution”, “it is killing hundreds / thousands /billion.” Haven’t we heard this about Assad, about Gaddafi, about Putin, about Khamenei, about Kim Jong Un and how many others?

There are so many clichés that it is laughable and not surprising when one discovers that there are even manuals prepared by Gene Sharp’s NGO, the Albert Einstein Institution, teaching how to organize a colored revolution. [The Center for Syncretic Studies has these particular texts in possession, they are a subject of serious study in their work against global destabilization campaigns – J.F ]

It happened –  what we had imagined for many years. They brought here to Brazil the same model of destabilization of nations by means of colored revolutions that they applied in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

And now they are trying to launch Venezuela into a civil war. They will use any more crude reaction from Maduro as a justification for arming opponents, bombing the country, sending troops directly or using countries like Colombia and even Brazil as proxies.

New Resistance rejects this crude coup, hopes Maduro represses the coup makers with the utmost rigor and supports his legitimate government against any foreign interference, including that of our own country, Brazil.

Make no mistake, Venezuela is a country in deep crisis and with no easy solution in sight. The causes of the Venezuelan crisis can be explained

Venezuela has a history of decades of economic crisis that needs to be understood in order to understand the current problems. Oil has been a boon and a curse to Venezuela, and the country is experiencing periodic but frequent crises, depending on the price of barrels on the international market. It is enough to remember the Caracazo of 1989, when after the imposition of fiscal austerity by the liberal government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, the Venezuelan population revolted and the government repressed it with violence, killing more than 2 thousand citizens.

It was the discontent of that era that gave rise to the Chavista phenomenon. One can not forget that Venezuela was a ruined country, worse off than now, when Chávez, a nationalist military influenced by the revolutionary Peronism of Norberto Ceresole, came to power.

Ceresole with Chavez

Despite attempted coups, criminal bosses, international financial sabotage, and an extremely virulent media hate campaign, the results of Bolivarianism were undeniably positive. 

Industrialization efforts (which included strengthening and growth with incentives to the private sector) were not enough. With the fall in the price of barrels, the government responded with import subsidies to help the national business, but this same business took the opportunity to stockpile imports and divert the products to the black market, to be able to sell much more expensively, furthermore as exports! These manipulations (coupled with the lack of a tougher dollar policy) led to the massive devaluation of the Bolivar currency.

Hence, this is sanctioned, planned, approved by the hostile imperialist forces, and we have here a formula ready for a nightmare for which there are practically no ends in sight, other than waiting for a new rise in oil prices.

Right and left liberals around the world unite against the Venezuelan government. The Venezuelan opposition, which is generally liberal, Zionist, Homopheliac, propagator of gender and Masonic ideologies and formerly organized around the sexually suspicious figure of Capriles, is now organized around the Masonic master Juan Guaidó, who declared himself the acting president but then fled with his tail between his legs to the Colombian embassy.

In response, the legitimate president Nicolás Maduro gave 72 hours for the American diplomatic corps to leave the country. The coup leader Guaidó asked the American diplomatic corps to stay. American politicians are already talking about ordering the diplomatic corps to remain that could force the president to a standstill.

The liberal bourgeois whines about the Venezuelan Assembly are irrelevant. The methodology of bourgeois representative democracy is bankrupt when it puts in office representatives who are enemies of the people themselves and against their interests. In this sense, Nicolás Maduro’s concentration of powers along with direct interaction with organic groups, following Carl Schmitt’s booklet to circumvent a Legislative and Judiciary sunk in rot, is the correct and legitimate tool for preserving democracy in its full sense and authentic.

There is no doubt about the case because the Venezuelan case is integrated into a global project to preserve the unipolar hegemony of American Atlanticism against the legitimate interests of the people. Venezuela is today what Syria was to yesterday and Libya the day before yesterday.

Viva Chávez!
Motherland or Death!



The statement of the International Eurasian Movement (ESM) – authored by the ESM led editorial board at, under the auspices of Dr. Alexandr Dugin:

The international public movement “Eurasian Movement” strongly condemns the actions of Juan Guaydo, who illegally declared himself the current president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Such an irresponsible and self-proclaimed act will only worsen the political situation, provoke a new crisis, undermine trust between the countries of the region and the legitimacy of international law.

Obviously, this statement was made with the consent and, possibly, with the direct authorization by the patrons of the current opposition – the United States of America, who are interested in further destabilizing Venezuela and integration projects.

A hasty statement of recognition of Guaydo by the United States and its satellites in the region indicates that the action is part of a specific strategy against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The international public movement “Eurasian Movement” expresses support for the legitimately elected president of the country, Nicolas Maduro, and solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

Like the leadership of Russia, we believe that the attempt to usurp power by Juan Guaydo and those around him should not go unpunished.

We are confident that the judicial authorities of Venezuela will give a fair assessment of the actions of these persons and the appointment of an appropriate measure of punishment.

Viva Venezuela! Viva Chavez!

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