Patriarch Kirill affirms political neutrality of the Russian Orthodox Church


MOSCOW – The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) will not support any political forces, said Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia on Thursday, January 31, at a meeting with journalists dedicated to the tenth anniversary of his ascension to the patriarchal throne.

“We should not expect any political program or support of any political forces, pro-government or opposition, from us,” Kirill said, adding that the ROC will not turn into a political force that serves the interests of only a part of society, reports TASS .

The patriarch added that he did not support the multi-party political system. In his opinion, the party division contributes to the division of society into parts with different political orientations. The church seeks to reach agreement and consensus on the most important public issues and openly speaks of its position, Kirill concluded.

On January 25, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia called the practice of abortion sinful in cases where deviations in the development of the fetus are revealed. He added that the presence of abortions in the compulsory health insurance system encourages the killing of unborn children, and the church opposes this, as it considers each embryo as a person.

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Master Oroko
Master Oroko
2 years ago

It’s good that they remain neutral. The trouble-makers that created the schism could learn a thing or two. Sadly, the point for them is not to learn but to create trouble.

2 years ago

Glory to the Russian Orthodox church. Christianity is in need of a strong church given to what has/is happened in other faiths. Mainline American denominations are in steep decline, Catholic church is riff with pedophilia which the Pope calls a leprosy..

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