PEAK PARANOIA: Elite US University Introduces ‘Russian Hybrid War’ Course, Hires Hysterical Propagandist


GEORGETOWN, The United States – One of the oldest and most influential educational institutions in the United States, Georgetown University has launched a course for students called “Russian Hybrid Warfare”, according to the course description published on the Coursicle website.

“This course will cover the Russian doctrine and ideology that lays the groundwork for the Kremlin’s global imperialist insurgency; discuss examples and case studies of these tactics and operations, as well as their history; and explore why it is so challenging for the United States and its allies to combat full-spectrum/hybrid warfare,” says the course description.

During the course, students will receive instructions, in particular, on Russian “bots and trolls” about the Kremlin’s “information operations”, such as alleged interference in the US elections and “annexation of the Crimea.”

The course is scheduled to begin in the spring this year.

Molly McKew, an “information warfare expert” spending her days spinning anti-Russian rhetoric on Twitter and known for claiming that the Russian nuclear doctrine allows for “nuking its own people” (it doesn’t) and peddling the so-called “Gerasimov doctrine” of hybrid warfare (it doesn’t exist), among other things, will now be passing on her ideas to the students of one of America’s most prestigious schools – the Georgetown University.

Enshrining McKew’s “expertise” in a Georgetown course has about as much to do with academia as “hiring a flat-Earther to teach in a geography department,” another Georgetown academic points out, RT said.

Even media voices with less-than-favorable (but more level-headed) views of Putin’s Russia are wary of McKew’s “expert opinion”, like Leonid Bershidsky, who emigrated from Russia after the 2014 “annexation” of Crimea.

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