Poroshenko’s Electoral Crisis: 80% of Ukrainians see Country ‘Moving in Wrong Direction’


KIEV, Ukraine – At the present time, over 80% of Ukrainian citizens say that Ukraine is moving in the wrong direction.

This was announced on Monday, January 28, by Alexey Borovsky, director of the sociological company Seetarget, based on the results of a sociological research.

This no doubt will foreshadow and help predict the possible results of the upcoming election in Ukraine – opposition parties of the left, and those considered ‘pro-Russian’ however have been banned since the U.S installed coup government took power in 2014. This leaves room only for nationalist populists – all, however, also have strong ties to the U.S.

On the whole, Russian and Ukrainian experts agree that Tymoshenko will emerge the strongest from these trends.

“The absolute majority estimate the direction of the country’s movement as negative.

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Almost 80% choose “more or less in the wrong direction” and “definitely in the wrong direction”, but there are 14% who note the positive movement of the country, ”said Borovsky at the presentation of the research results.

Thus, 43.2% of survey participants reported that Ukraine is definitely moving in the wrong direction, another 37.1% of respondents believe that the state is going “more or less in the wrong direction”. At the same time, 2.3% of respondents are confident that Ukraine’s direction is ”unequivocally correct”, and 11.9% are convinced that Ukraine is moving “more or less in the right direction”.

Seetarget conducted a study “Ukraine in the focus of sociology. Social moods of citizens during the election campaign of 2019 ”December 17–23, 2018. The method of personal interviews interviewed 2010 respondents over 18 years old. Sampling error is not more than 2.3%.


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