Preparing For War? US Army Learns to Fight Against Powerful Russian Weapons


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The US military participated in training in which they used AH-64 Apache helicopters against weaponry that mimicked Soviet equipment, including Russian anti-aircraft defense systems, the US media reported.

The article, published in Defense Blog , details what the goals of the US military might be. According to the media, during the Southern Strike maneuvers in the state of Mississippi, the US Army has trained an air strike against equipment similar to the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems Tor, Osa and BTR-80 vehicles.

It is noted that such exercises help the military to perfect the capabilities forgotten after the Cold War.

Because of the “heightened tensions” with Russia, “to date, the US military is shifting its focus toward preparing for great-power conflict, and on the ground in Europe,”

According to the publication, Washington’s potential opponents are “developing sophisticated weapons, munitions, and disruptive technologies,” with “some approaching or even surpassing U.S. capabilities.”

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According to Russian expert Yuri Zverev, the US military has been carrying out exercises with imitations of Soviet and Russian weapons since the Cold War began after the conclusion of World War 2.

The military analyst recalled that at the training center in Fort Irvine, California, a regiment was set up equipped with copies of Soviet war equipment. In addition, at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the Agresor squad is dislocated, where American pilots formerly emulated actions from the Soviet Air Force and now the Russian Aerospace Force.

“So there is nothing new in the current maneuvers. This is another confirmation that the US is preparing for a war with Russia or with countries that are armed with Russian weapons,” he said.

Russia has reiterated on numerous occasions that it is not threatening anyone and that its sole objective is to defend the country and its people.

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