PROTECTING UKRAINE: Moscow Blasts MH17 Investigators


MOSCOW, Russia – The Joint Investigation Center (JIT), which studied the circumstances surrounding the downing of Malaysia Airlines’ MH17 aircraft in 2014 in Ukraine, ignored data submitted by Russia on the Ukrainian missile that knocked the aircraft down, the prosecutor told RIA Novosti, General Deputy of Russia, Nikolai Vinnichenko.

According to him, Russia has sent to the Netherlands, the country that heads the JIT, the Russian radar data, as well as documents confirming that the Buk missile responsible for the felling belonged to Ukraine.

“It is completely proven that the missile, whose debris was demonstrated by the JIP, was Ukrainian. But we see again that the JIP […] is silent, not reacting to the information, but it has been 4 months. Come and examine the documents. I will underline that the JIP has not shown any interest in these documents,” Vinnichenko said.

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In addition, the senior Russian official said that so far no evidence has been presented on the alleged involvement of Russian citizens in the overthrow of the MH17.

MH17 Case

On July 17, 2014, a Boeing 777 from Malaysia Airlines, which made the MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was struck by a missile while flying over the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. Onboard the aircraft were 298 people, mostly Dutch citizens; there were no survivors.

Kiev accused the Donbass militia of the catastrophe, which denied the allegations, saying that the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk did not have weapons capable of destroying an aircraft.

Later, the Joint Research Center presented the preliminary results of the second investigation into the tragedy, according to which the Buk system that toppled the Malaysian Boeing came from the Russian Armed Forces.

Moscow did not recognize the results, arguing that the Russian representatives were not allowed to participate in the investigation, while the JIT team ignored the data and witnesses of the Russian side.

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