Putin, uncut, unfiltered in new book [video]

Thomas Römer's new book presents Putin pure, in his own words


Fischer Verlag, best known in academe for scholarly/scientific publications, has published Thomas Römer’s book presenting the actual unexpurgated words of Vladimir Putin, with Römer’s commentary, with the legend “Know the Facts, then judge for yourself!” Thomas Römer is principal author in Anti-Spiegel, and his essays have often appeared in our English translation here at Fort Russ. There is even a video trailer:

The book bears the title, with one of his most stinging quotes:
VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Do you realize, what you’ve done?”

Fischer-Verlag’s summary:
Much is said about Putin in the Western media. But Putin practically never gets published speaking for himself, and if he does, only in curtailed form. You may or may not like Putin, but you should know what Putin himself says about the most pressing issues of our time.

Thomas Röper has lived mostly in Russia since 1998, speaks fluent Russian and has put the Russian President Vladimir Putin himself in this book in extensive quotes.

See where Putin stands on the most pressing international issues, whether it be Syria, Ukraine, the worldwide refugee crisis, the relationship with Europe and Germany, or even freedom of the press.

Completely reading Putin’s statements instead of just reading summaries or out-of-context clippings gives an interesting view of the problems of the world today. The result is a relentless criticism of Western policy, when Putin names things with humor and sometimes with bitter earnestness, because – for good or ill – he is not a diplomat and finds very clear and unmistakable words.

Putin does not beat around the bush, and after reading this everyone can decide for himself how he relates to Putin’s theses. But in order to make that decision, one must first know what Putin actually says and then think for one’s self. And whether you like his positions or not, one thing is undisputed: his positions have been unchanged for 18 years. See for yourself an unfiltered picture of what President Vladimir Putin stands for!

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