RUSSIA DEFENDS MADURO: Moscow blasts Western support for military coup in Venezuela


MOSCOW, Russia – The West supports the destructive proposal of Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó for a military coup in Venezuela, said a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó “openly encourages the military to carry out a military coup,” the diplomat said during a press conference, the US newspaper reports.

“We see that Western sponsors support this destructive line by all means,” she added.

This indicates that “Washington’s borders no longer exist: neither interstate, nor economic, nor moral,” Zakharova said, adding that “we can not say that the threat of large-scale armed conflict [in Venezuela] has disappeared.”

In addition, according to the diplomat, the notepad carried by US National Security Adviser John Bolton on the “5,000 troops for Colombia” proves that all options regarding Caracas are still in check.

Zakharova classifies the situation in the South American country as “extremely tense”, commenting that the recent protests, “far more modest” than the previous ones, are “a new testimony that the opposition is reluctant to dialogue, despite official authorities being willing to do so.”

The official representative summoned the partner countries to reflect on “what role Washington assigns them to prepare and trigger a war scenario in the region, previously tested in Iraq, Libya, Syria or Ukraine.”

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“Supposedly, we see how sensible political forces are well aware that the only possible way out of the crisis would be a broad internal Venezuelan dialogue.”

The Russian spokeswoman commented that the threat of a major armed conflict persists in Caracas, noting that Russia welcomes the disaffection of several Latin American countries with US policy towards Venezuela, in addition to emphasizing that Moscow is willing to participate in mediation to resolve the crisis in the Bolivarian country.

“We welcome the firm resignation of regional actors to follow the US military line,” she told reporters.

On January 23, Venezuelan leader Juan Guaidó announced himself illegally as interim president of Venezuela, appealing to Article 233 of the Constitution, initiating a series of conflicts in the country.

The second term of Nicolás Maduro, the current president of Venezuela, was not accepted by the United States and twenty other countries, who decided not to recognize him as head of state, on the grounds of the result of “fraudulent” elections held in May last year. Maduro and his administration consider this a coup orchestrated by Washington but has the firm backing of Russia, China and many other states.

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