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Now in the depth of winter: time to plan a vacation -- to Russia! [video]


Thomas Römer, of Anti-Spiegel reminds us there is also good news, which we are happy to share:
There is also good news. awards its Guest Review Awards every year based on the ratings of its users: Russia, a country that not many in the West think of when planning their vacation, is making a good showing every year and is already ranked number 8 in countries with the best accommodation.

A Russian city has even made it to No. 2 on the list of cities in the world.

Russia is really worth a trip. It does not matter if you like culture and history and go to Petersburg. The old tsar city has enough for culture lovers to do at least a week-long stay. Be it the Ermitage, one of the largest museums in the world, the Mariinsky Theater, whose ballet is world famous, or all the czarist palaces in the surrounding area, including the restored Berstein Room. Even the white nights in summer, when the sun does not set all night and all the bars and restaurants are open 24 hours a day, and all the festivals with gigantic fireworks are worth a visit.

You can also make a city trip and see the old Russian cities in the “Golden Ring” around Moscow, because it’s not only Moscow that has a Kremlin, but also most of the old Russian cities.
And of course Moscow is worth a visit: this glittering metropolis that many compare to New York has, in addition to the new skyline with architecturally interesting skyscrapers, a historic center where you can still stroll through pristine streets.

Or you drive in subtropical climate on the Black Sea, where you can make a trip to the mountains in Sochi in the summer and a day of skiing.

Or the infinite nature in Siberia, Altai, not to mention Lake Baikal. Or Kamchatka, where you can go bear watching in the company of nature guides.

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And if you’re in the Far East, you can also beat your stomach with caviar on Sakhalin, which costs practically nothing there.

And if you like it extreme, you will travel to Siberia in the winter and experience the winter in a way you can not imagine otherwise. In Yakutsk it was so cold these days with minus 47 degrees that people make a “fireworks of water” by throwing boiling water out of a thermos flask that immediately freezes in mid air.

The country has so much to offer, there are different cultures, whether the Tartars, the Cossacks, the Asian peoples, the religions of shamanism or Buddhism.

However, the country is still undiscovered for Western tourists, even though it is now ranked 8th among the best travel properties by the Guest Review Award rating.
And the good thing about this award is that only allows voting for those who actually booked and stayed there, so it can not be faked or manipulated at this price.

Also and especially accommodations in small cities of Russia have received very good reviews and St. Petersburg has even made it from 3rd place in 2017 to 2nd place in 2018. Of all the cities worldwide, mind you.

I myself have lived in Russia for many years and can only recommend it as a tourist destination and I do not know anybody who has visited me here during the year, who didn’t like it.

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