Russia Prepares National Project to Combat Space Threats


MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Academy of Sciences has authorized the development of a national program project to study problems and methods of combating space threats such as asteroid-comet and space-debris hazards, the research director of the Academy of Astronomy Russian Science, Boris Shustov.

“In 2010, we have already proposed to adopt a program of federal targets on asteroid-comet hazards and space debris. At that time, we did not receive support from Roscosmos [Russian Space Agency],” said the researcher.

“In addition, there was a different situation in the world. Now abroad, especially in the United States, the development of systems to detect threats from space has advanced a lot.”

According to him, at the presidency meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academics voted for a draft resolution to begin work on preparing a modern version of the national program.

According to Shustov, after the decision of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it can be considered that the development of the national project has already begun.

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On 15 January, Roscosmos’ representative, Yuri Makarov, at a meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the theme of space threats, proposed to jointly develop a national project in the space field, including to counter these threats.

This comes as it was revealed days ago that the Russian space agency Roscosmos will present to the Russian government a project to build a super heavy rocket for an unmanned mission around the moon.

According to sources, 1.5 trillion rubles will be requested, equivalent to US $22.6 billion.

“An internal memorandum from Roscosmos stipulates that the project under the federal program for creating a super heavy rocket must be submitted to the Executive for approval. This concerns the program between 2020 and 2030, including provisions for required funds. Several options for a super heavy rocket with different costs are being considered. About 1.5 trillion rubles on average is needed for the program,” one source said.

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