Russia reaffirms that it stands with Maduro, says Guaidó is illegitimate


MOSCOW, Russia – The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Senate, Konstantin Kosachev, declared on Wednesday that the status of President of Venezuela is determined by the people, so Russia does not recognize the presidential status of opposition candidate Juan Guaidó.

Guaidó’s status can not be determined by the outside world, be it the president of the United States or any other country. It can only be determined by the people of Venezuela and only by constitutional means,” said the senator.

“In this sense, for Russia, the presidential status of Guaidó does not exist,” emphasized Kosachev.

The US has previously announced that Nicolás Maduro no longer recognizes Venezuela’s president, and considers National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s head of state.

US leader Donald Trump spoke to Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president on Wednesday and congratulated him on his “historic takeover”, confirming strong support for Venezuela’s struggle to restore democracy.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó said he had held “confidential meetings” with the Venezuelan army for support. According to the Russian expert of the School of Economics, Andrei Suzdaltsev, we must take these statements very carefully, adding that the current situation depends mainly on the Armed Forces.

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Juan Guaidó wrote in an article in The New York Times that he had clandestine meetings with members of the Armed Forces and security forces, noting that withdrawal of military support to Maduro is crucial to allow a change in government.”

“For me, it is difficult to believe that the opposition meets with [Nicolás] Maduro’s intelligence services. Such contacts can not occur, nor with the army,” said Suzdaltsev.

“If there had been meetings, there would have been results, of course in this case they would have informed us, so these statements are just pressure on the government,” he said.

“As long as the military and the security forces support Maduro, he will remain unshakable, but it is not known how long this can continue. So now the future of the government is in the hands of the military,” he concluded.

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