RUSSIA WARNS: Any Ukrainian Action in the Kerch Strait Will Receive ‘Special Attention’


CRIMEA, Russia – The emergence of Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait is unlikely, says the deputy of the Crimean State Council Vladislav Ganzhara.

Previously, the adviser to Ukrainian President Yuri Biryukov announced that Kiev plans to cross the Kerch Strait accompanied by international observers.

Ganzhara was skeptical of these statements.

“When it comes to military ships, there is nothing else in the Ukrainian fleet, the vessels that are in detention were probably their flagships, there is nothing more to send,” the deputy told the RT channel.

According to him, the Ukrainian sailors are demoralized by the last incident provoked by the authorities of Ukraine in the Strait of Kerch. At the same time, Ganzhara pointed out that the navigation of regular ships will not be questioned by Russia.

“There is a protocol that, prior to the incident in the strait, allowed Ukrainian ships, including military ones, to pass under the bridge,” he noted.

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The deputy stressed that after the violation at Russian borders, any actions by Ukraine in the Kerch Strait will receive “special attention” from Russia.

Kiev has always been warned about the provocations on the peninsula. The head of the Committee on International Relations of the Crimean Parliament, Yuri Gempel, commented that Ukraine is not restricted to cross the strait provided it complies with international law.

Provocation by Ukraine in the Kerch Strait

On November 25, three Ukrainian navy ships violated Russia’s borders. They carried out dangerous maneuvers for several hours without meeting the demands of the Russian authorities. As a result, all ships were detained and the seamen arrested.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the incident in the Kerch Strait as provocation urged by Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko. In particular, the Russian leader indicated that everything was arranged to introduce martial law in Ukraine and thus postpone the presidential elections.

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