Russian Air Force to be Further Strengthened with Modernized Strategic Bombers


MOSCOW, Russia – In 2019, Russia’s Long-range Aviation will receive four Tu-95MS modernized missile carriers, according to the Ministry of Defense. In 2018, the aviation incorporated six Tu-95MS and Tu-160 aircrafts.

“The ongoing modernization will allow us to keep in service as well as increase the term of use of these long-haul planes for up to 45 or 50 years,” according to Long Range Aviation Commander Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash.

The modernized Tu-95MS will feature a new avionics. In addition, on-board radio systems will be replaced by a system with an integrated control and information medium.

“The complex will incorporate new systems, such as inertial, astro-satellite, satellite navigation, near-navigation radio, airborne signal systems, onboard defense system and radio-electronic warfare system,” reads Kobylash’s statement.

In 2018, Russian Long Range Aviation crews successfully completed flight plans and combat preparations.

Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces plans to modernize the fleet of Be-12 antisubmarine amphibious aircraft in 2019, the press department of the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

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The Be-12 is a Soviet amphibious aircraft with turbo-propeller of two reactors, being also a marine patrol bomber. It was first used as an antisubmarine aircraft.

“It is planned to modernize the Be-12 amphibious aircraft with new anti-submarine systems, which will increase its effectiveness in combat and carry out the missions successfully according to its functions,” the statement said.

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the crews of the Black Sea Fleet’s Be-12 amphibious aircraft took part in military exercises in the Crimea. The pilots, during tactical flights, carried out ground-based bombardments of a simulated enemy. Three Be-12 aircraft were involved in the flights.

The Be-12 is a Soviet amphibious turbo-propelled twin-reactor aircraft, as well as a maritime patrol bomber (also called a “flying boat” in aeronautical slang).

This airplane can take off and land at land aerodromes and in the water. Currently, these exclusive machines are only in service of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation.

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