Russian Fighter Su-27 Intercepts Swedish Spy Plane Over the Baltic Sea (VIDEO)


MOSCOW, Russia – A reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish Air Force tried to approach the Russian borders in the Baltic region. Following that, a Russian Su-27 fighter took off to intercept it.

A Su-27 fighter from the Russian Aerospace Force intercepted a reconnaissance aircraft from Sweden flying over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea to the Russian border with the transponder off, according to a report by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the press department of the Ministry, quoted by the Zvezda channel, “The Russian fighter crew approached a safe distance from the aerial object, identified it as a Gulfstream reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish Air Force, which was flying without transponder on “.

After that, the Swedish jet left the national border and Su-27 returned to its base, officials of the Russian military said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense regularly reports on foreign aircraft approaching national borders. In this connection, it has repeatedly called on international partners to limit such activity. Despite this, the number of reconnaissance flights continues to be high.

One such example was when earlier this month a US military drone RQ-4B Global Hawk and a US Air Force Boeing RC-135V reconnaissance aircraft conducted flights near Crimea and off the coast of the Russian region of Krasnodar, according to data from the monitoring service Plane Radar.

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According to the portal, Global Hawk took off from an air base in Italy, flew over the airspace of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, and then carried out reconnaissance actions on the demarcation line at Donbass.

A few hours later, the drone began to fly over the areas along the Black Sea coast.

The American reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135V also approached the borders of Russia, reports the portal. The aircraft monitored the space of the Black Sea coast, flew zones near the coast in the region of Novorossiysk and soon returned to its base.

Lately the activity of reconnaissance aircraft and foreign drones near the Russian borders has increased. In particular, they were seen both near the Crimea and the Krasnodar region, as well as in the regions near the western borders of Russia.

The Defense Ministry has repeatedly called on Washington to suspend such operations, but the Pentagon has refused to do so.

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