Russian Military is the Most Advanced and Most Effective in the World


MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu congratulated the military on the New Year, noting that the Russian army remains the most modern and efficient in terms of combat capability.

The Russian minister’s congratulation was made public by the press service of the military’s Information and Mass Communication Department.

“The Armed Forces continues to receive the latest models of military weapons and equipment, improved troop combat training, improved social service system for the military, their families and veterans. Our army continues to be the most advanced and has better combat capabilities, which ensures the independence and security of the country,” said Shoigu.

The Defense Minister noted that everyday the Russian military contributes significantly to strengthening the country’s defense capability and raising the prestige of the Armed Forces by diligently carrying out its military duty and its courageous actions.

He also especially congratulated the cadets, students of the Suvorov military colleges, the students and members of the Yunaya Armiya (Young Guard) movement and expressed confidence that important achievements, projects and brilliant events await them in the future.

At the end of its fulfillment, the minister wished the military and veterans happiness, good health and new achievements for the benefit of the country’s Armed Forces.

This comes as the Russian hypersonic system Avangard represents an “absolutely real threat”, while today in the West there are still no effective means to combat these military systems, according to a German military expert.

This opinion was expressed by the specialist of the German Aerospace Center, Dirk Zimper, in an interview with the Deutschlandfunk radio station.

According to him, repelling an Avangard attack is a very complicated task.

“Of course, a number of studies have been conducted, and the work to create means to combat similar attack systems continues. At present, there are no effective means to counteract them,” he said.

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