Russian Missile That Can Destroy Cities Has The US PETRIFIED


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The US media has once again expressed concern about the capabilities of Russian nuclear submarine drone Poseidon, alarmed by information about Russia’s plans to adopt 32 such devices, nicknamed “Doomsday machines” in the Western press.

According to Foxtrot Alpha , these drones equipped with nuclear warheads are designed to destroy coastal cities and spread deadly radioactive fallout. The author of the publication, Kyle Mizokami, notes that the US and its allies are not able to oppose a submarine target so quickly.

The 32 Poseidon drones will be equally divided between the North and Pacific fleets. Thus, the 16 North Fleet devices may hit targets in Europe, Canada and the US East Coast and the 16 Pacific Fleet submarine drones may attack Japan, China and the US West Coast and Canada.

As stated in the article, Poseidon will be the largest torpedo in the world with a diameter of 2 meters and a length of 20 meters. A nuclear reactor will allow to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in an autonomous way. Poseidon can move without having to determine its GPS position.

Earlier it was stated that the warhead’s capacity would be up to 200 megatons, but at the moment it has a power of 2 megatons. But it is worth remembering that two megatons are 2,000 kilotons, and the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima was only 16 kilotons, says Foxtrot Alpha.

Poseidon drones are intended for placement in submarines, from which they can be launched at enormous distances. In addition, these Russian submarine aircraft will be difficult to stop because, moving at a speed of 56 knots, they are faster than nuclear submarines and US torpedoes.

Foxtrot Alpha warns that 32 Poseidon drones with nuclear warheads would cause “terrible damage” to the US and NATO cities, providing two examples.

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The article notes that an attack on San Francisco with an explosion of this torpedo under the Golden Gate Bridge would leave more than half a million people dead and injured and spread radiation north to Nevada. And a Poseidon that explodes in the Statue of Liberty area in New York Bay would kill half a million people and make two million more wounded.

In this case, the radiation would have contaminated a territory to Portland, Maine. These devastating attacks would be repeated against coastal targets, creating a tsunami full of radioactive debris intended to spread radioactive fallout into the country, Foxtrot Alpha said when describing his apocalyptic image.

The paper’s author writes that American submarine bases with ballistic missiles from Kitsap and Kings Bay, located on the east and west coasts, would be on the Poseidon target list.

The article notes that Poseidon is not an anticipatory attack weapon. Unlike intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can reach the US in a few minutes, it would take hours or even days to reach the target underwater.

Therefore, it was designed as a weapon of second attack, forcing the enemy to abandon the idea of ​​an attack on Russia, because after some time the enemy would have on its coast an atomic explosion of the “final torpedo.”

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