Russian Navy CLOSELY EYES American Destroyers In The Baltic Sea

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MOSCOW, Russia – Ships from the Baltic Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy are escorting the American destroyers Gravely and Porter who have just entered the southern Baltic Sea.

According to a national defense control center, two Russian corvettes carry out surveillance of American warships that are passing near the territorial waters of Russia.

“Forces of the Baltic Sea Fleet are taking Gravely and Porter, the US Navy destroyers who have entered the south of the Baltic Sea, being escorted by the Russian navy’s Boiky and Soobrazitelny corvettes and they are monitoring the actions of American ships,” the national defense control center said.

Last week, the national defense control center also reported that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet were monitoring the US destroyer, Donald Cook, who was at sea. The destroyer is being guarded by Russia’s Pytlivy frigate and tracked from electronic and technical surveillance features, the center added.

The Russian corvettes of the 20380 project have a considerable arsenal of attack weapons, antiaircraft defense and anti-submarine fighting.

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It was only on Saturday that the national defense control center said that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is monitoring a US destroyer at sea.

“The forces of the Black Sea Fleet began to follow the destroyer Donald Cook after entering the Black Sea,” the statement said.

The destroyer is being protected by Russia’s Pytlivy frigate and tracked from electronic and technical surveillance capabilities, the center added.

Commander of the Sixth Fleet of the United States, Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti, said Russian warships were “professional” in their interactions with the US Navy last year in their encounters in the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas.

However, despite being professional, Moscow is making it clear that they are closely tracking US activities in the Baltic Sea, especially as Russia has a significant maritime border in the sea that is located thousands of kilometers from the United States.

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