Russian Navy to Equip its Submarines with POWEFUL ‘Doomsday torpedoes’


MOSCOW, Russia – Submarines of the Russian Navy’s North and Pacific fleets could soon have 32 Poseidon nuclear drones, known as “Doomsday torpedoes”, capable of completely destroying coastal cities.

According to the portal Russkoe Oruzhie, each of these fleets will receive two submarines that will have at most eight Poseidon drones each. Thus, it is predicted that the total number of drones of this type will reach 32 units. It is also expected that the new Russian nuclear submarine Khabarovsk, currently under construction, will also receive them.

The new weapon, known as “the Doomsday Day torpedo” by its power, is able to move underwater to a kilometer of depth, reaching the speed of about 200 kilometers per hour thanks to the creation in its surroundings of a air cavity that reduces water resistance.

The Poseidon is able to maneuver changing its trajectory and altering the depth, so intercepting it is practically impossible.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia emphasizes that on the way to its target the Poseidon will maneuver continuously. Considering speed and depth, it will be impossible for the enemy to repel him.

Comparing the new drone with other Russian maids, the newspaper reports that the Avangard hypersonic Russian missile can also change its flight direction and altitude, making its trajectory unpredictable and virtually impossible to intercept.

However, although the Russian nuclear underwater drone Poseidon is much slower than Avangard – its top speed will be about 200 miles per hour – it significantly outperforms the capabilities of modern submarines that sail at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour.

It has a nuclear reactor to propel it and is expected to be equipped with a 100-megaton thermonuclear warhead, which could lead to the complete destruction of coastal cities.

Earlier, the western media evaluated the possible consequences of the use of Russian nuclear underwater Poseidon drone, noting that its combat capabilities cause “genuine concerns” to American experts.

Poseidon is already undergoing its first tests. It is capable of moving at a depth of 1,000 meters, that is, beyond the reach of the sonars aboard the ships.

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