Russian or Israeli Defense System Systems – Who Would Win?


MOSCOW, Russia – Experts evaluated the capabilities of the Pantsir-S1 and Spyder-MR, anti-aircraft defense systems used by the Russian and Israeli armies, reports the Russian newspaper Zvezda.

According to the issue, experts have tried to analyze how these anti-aircraft defense systems would behave in the event of a mass air strike between Israel and Syria.

The Russian Pantsir, based on the chassis of the KamAZ truck, was created according to a modular design scheme, which greatly facilitates its repair and interchangeability of the blocks. By the same principle was developed the Israeli Spyder based on the Czech Tatra.

Their speed of movement is approximately equal: both are able to reach 90 kilometers per hour. However, the ability to overcome difficult terrain of the Russian Pantsir is much greater, especially on soft soils. The Pantsir also gains in universality due to the rapid firing cannon.

In general, the firepower of the Pantsir makes a strong impression. Its 12 guided missiles 57E6E with loads of 20 kilos destroy the target at an altitude of up to 15 kilometers and a distance of one to 20 kilometers. The targets of low altitude will be under fire from the 30mm 2A38M cannon with a firing rate of 5,000 shots per minute.

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As the experts point out, in a showdown both Pantsir-S1 and Spyder-MR are very powerful opponents, but due to their universality the Pantsir is able to overcome the Israeli Spyder in combat.

The Russian Pantsir-S1 system can not only easily target targets of different classes and dimensions, but is also capable of firing on the go. Spyder does not have such qualities.

It is for this reason that late last year Russia deployed a Pantsir-S artillery system division in the Crimea, reinforcing the anti-aircraft defense of the Southern Military District, the district’s press office reported at the time.

“The air defense units of the Southern Military District moved in the Crimea received in October 2018 the brand new anti-aircraft systems [Pantsir-S] under the troops rearmament program,” the statement said.

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