Russian Robotic Combat Vehicle ‘Armed to the Teeth’


MOSCOW, Russia – The Uran-9 robotic combat vehicle has entered service in the Russian Army, the director general of the Kalashnikov Consortium, Vladimir Dmitriev, said in a recent interview. Military specialist Viktor Baranets spoke about the characteristics of this trolley.

“The production of the first batch is complete. In general, Uran-9 is a good scientific and technical reserve for other products,” he said in an interview to the Kommersant newspaper.

According to him, the complex will be refined based on the experience gained in the Syrian campaign.

“Syria is an excellent testing ground, which allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any weapon,” added Dmitriev.

The Uran-9 was designed to support units on the battlefield, protect the personnel and remove them from enemy fire. The vehicle is capable of performing tasks in different climatic and geographic conditions. The machine is radio controlled.

Viktor Baranets analyzed the characteristics of this vehicle in more detail. In the tower of this vehicle are installed a 30-mm 2A72 automatic cannon, a heavy machine gun, an Ataka anti-tank missile system, Igla anti-aircraft missiles, Shmel-M flamethrowers. This robot is armed, according to Baranets, “to the teeth.”

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According to him, the autonomous vehicles are becoming an indicator of the level of technical-military development of the armies.

“The emergence of Uran-9 in the Russian Army shows that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense accurately understands current trends in military-technical development, since robotization of the military is a strategic direction of its development under current conditions,” he explained.

Baranets concludes that autonomous vehicles are becoming an indicator of the level of technical-military development of armies.

This comes as Russia continues its impressive modernization program that has seen the country update much of its outdated equipment to state of the art war materials that are sought after and bought by foreign states.

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