Russian Self-Propelled Artillery System Breaks Range Record


The new Russian Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled artillery system demonstrated impressive firing range during military exercises, reports Russkoe Oruzhie, citing local media.

As they say in the portal’s publication, the Russian self-propelled system can target enemy targets at a significantly greater distance than previously thought.

“Targets can be hit at a distance of up to 80 kilometers,” a military expert quoted by the portal as saying.

According to previously published data, it was believed that the Koalitsiya-SV 152 mm self-propelled system had a range of 70 km. The new artillery system can operate under a “fire dam” regime, ie massive continuous-range firing.

The system allows you to fire projectiles at different angles so that they simultaneously hit the target. As a result, the enemy is subjected to a massive attack. In addition, the system has a tower that can be controlled remotely through a unified command and control system.

The self-propelled system is capable of launching more than 11 projectiles per minute, emphasizing that the projectiles have high power and can be guided by satellite, besides having an automated aiming system.

Experts had already acknowledged that Koalitsiya-SV simply will not give the enemy a chance to retaliate. This system outperforms the analogues of NATO countries in range and rate of firing, being able to attack without entering the zone of destruction of enemy weapons.

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Russia’s arms manufacturers are working on the powerful D-400 artillery system, which is integrated with the newest version of Koalitsiya-SV 2S35 self-propelled armor.

According to the channel Gur Khan, the moving part of the equipment appears to have been based on the D-20 artillery system.

In the photos you can see the probable “installation polygon”, however, it is worth mentioning that the equipment can still go through changes, becoming completely different from the current version.

Prototype new Russian howitzer on the basis of “Koalitsiya”.

These equipment are used in a number of battles, including in Syria, where they show great potential against terrorist forces. In addition, the equipment is active in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen.

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