Russian Soldiers Discover Huge Cache of Terrorist Weapons in Southern Syria


DARA’A, Syria – Russian soldiers have found in Syria a cache of anti-tank weapons in the southern Daraa province, which had been left behind by surrendered terrorists, Valery Shkolnik, a representative of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, told reporters.

“Here you can see the arsenal that was seized over the past 24 hours from illegal armed groups that had previously conducted terrorist attacks in the southern provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic, including the province of Daraa”, Shkolnik said.

According to Valery Shkolnik, in the terrorist warehouse there were anti-tank grenades, an anti-tank grenade launcher, a TOW-2 antitank guided missile container that is capable of targeting 4 km, and homemade hand grenades.

In addition, 122mm rockets were found for multiple rocket launchers, 120mm mines, transport pomegranates for an RPG-7 propelled grenade launcher and other armaments.

“All the weapons found will soon be destroyed in the polygon,” Shkolnik said.

Last month Syrian army soldiers showed journalists a huge storehouse of weapons and ammunition that terrorist groups had hidden in rural areas of of Daraa.

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A Russian correspondent reported from the site that the warehouse was discovered during demining work in the rural areas liberated from extremists. First the towns and villages were cleared, and now the time has come for cultivated fields and other less accessible areas.

Syrian forces have said that during the past month such discoveries have occurred regularly. In most cases, these caches hold US TOW missiles, but also drones and satellite communication systems.

The entirety of Daraa province was cleared of terrorists organizations after a successful operation by the Syrian Army and its allies. Pro-government forces successfully defeated or removed terrorist organizations operating in southern Syria despite the vast and significant support that terrorist organizations were receiving from Israel, Jordan, the United States and other hostile states.

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