Sanctions or not, UK stocks up on Russian gas

Why it takes Russian icebreakers to help keep Britain warm


We present a news account from and then add commentary.

The news item:
When sanctions are only for suckers: to live through Russian frost, you need Russian gas. 

Britain will receive at least three deliveries from Yamal LNG in the coming week.

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So the British are preparing for the expected drop in air temperature below normal. The tanker Edward Toll will arrive at the Isle of Grain terminal near London on Saturday; the ship Corcovado LNG, which received cargo from another Russian tanker Vladimir Wiese [Владимир Висе], will deliver the cargo to Grain on January 20. The tanker Patris (with cargo from the ship Christophe de Margerie [Кристоф де Маржери], will arrive at the South Hook LNG terminal on January 24th.
According to forecasts, the air temperature in London by the end of January may drop to –1.1 C against the norm of + 4.5 C, notes the gas-father TG channel.

End of news item and beginning of our commentary:

  • Yamal LNG: See map above! The Yamal Peninsula has some of the biggest gas reserves on earth. And the whole peninsula lies within the Arctic Circle.
  • Yamal LNG will soon be running 15 ice-class tankers. The newest, and ninth in the current series, was launched just last month, the Boris Davidov. And we note that Yamal LNG has international partners. Example: The owner of the Boris Davidov is Greek Dynagas LNG Partners.

    Ice-class tanker Boris Davidov
    Ice-class tanker Boris Davidov
  • The ice-class tanker Edward Toll is also operated by Yamal LNG, and is apparently coming straight from Russia without any subterfuge of transshipment!
  • The tanker Christophe de Margerie is owned by SOVCOMFLOT headquartered in St. Petersburg.
  • Launched in 2017, it is the only Yamal Arc7 tanker not named for a Russian polar explorer or scientist: it was named in honor of the TOTAL executive and friend of Russia, Christophe de Margerie. From De Margerie’s 2014 obituary: “Russia’s President Vladimir Putin paid tribute to de Margerie as a “true friend of our country” via telegram to the French President, Mr Hollande; further stating, de Margerie had “pioneered many of the major joint projects and laid the foundation for many years of fruitful co-operation between France and Russia in the energy sector.”
  • In addition to the ship Boris Davydov, the following Arc7 tankers, George Brusilov, Christophe de Margerie, Boris Vilkitsky, Eduard Toll, Fedor Litke, Vladimir Rusanov, Rudolf Samoilovich and Vladimir Wiese are already carrying LNG from Yamal LNG.
  •  In total, the Yamal LNG will require 15 Arc7 ice-class tankers.
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