SEE the Striking Details on Russia’s New Self-Propelled Artillery Weapon


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The new 2S42 Lotos (Russian Nelumbo) self-propelled artillery weapon will be an important milestone in the modernization of Russian artillery, writes the American magazine The National Interest.

Lotus has emerged from the Zauralets-D project to create a new generation of artillery weapons, the magazine points out. Initially designed as a 120mm derivative of its 152mm Zauralets-D cousin, Lotos completely replaced all Zauralets-D by 2017, says the author.

The Lotos cannon is compatible with a wide range of 120 ammunition, which are fired from an automatic turret fixed inside the BMD-4 amphibious combat vehicle, the magazine highlights .

In addition, according to the needs of the Russian army, Lotos, with a crew of four, can be launched in operational condition from an IL-76 transport aircraft which, in turn, can carry up to two Lotos.

At the same time, the attack speed of this self-propelled artillery varies from six to eight shots per minute, with effective fire range of up to 13 km, while its predecessor, the Soviet SAO 2S9 Nona, has a maximum range of 8.8 km, writes the author.

The maneuverability of the part in question has also been improved: thanks to the BMD-4, which can reach a top speed of 70 km/h. In addition, the vehicle was equipped with a more powerful engine 2B-06-2, with 450 horsepower.

Thus, the new Russian combat vehicle is a remarkable improvement compared to its Soviet predecessor, concludes the issue.

Meanwhile, The National Interest in another article also highlighted that:

“The much-vaunted next generation of Russian missile defense, the S-500 boasts a host of best-in-class performance features. The Triumfator is purportedly able to engage anti-ballistic missiles at six hundred kilometers, an improvement of two hundred km over the already-formidable S-400. The S-500’s range is matched by its no less impressive ability to track and intercept up to ten missile warheads flying at a speed of over 4 miles a second, as previously outlines by a National Interest report citing Russian state news.”

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