Soros Eyes Rebellion in China, Attacks Xi Jinping as “Main Threat to the Free World”

However, Soros has said that within the civil society of the Eastern nation, an "instinct of rebellion" would be growing more and more to the interference of the Communist Party


By Gerry Freda, il Giornale – George Soros, who has spoken at the Davos forum recently, has launched a harsh verbal attack on the Chinese government

During the Swiss economic meeting, the eighty-eight-year-old Jewish-American billionaire of Hungarian origin pointed to the policies developed by President Xi Jinping as “an unprecedented threat to the free world”. The magnate has in fact declared that the Asian giant would be “the most worrying authoritarian regime on the face of the Earth”, more dangerous even than “Putin’s Russia”. Such ” extreme danger ” of the Chinese executive would be determined by the possession, on the part of the latter, of a “great economic force” and of a “strong propensity to use new technologies”.

This propensity would contribute to accentuate “in an extreme” the “tyrannical” traits of the government of the Eastern country. Thanks to a massive use of “artificial intelligence “, Xi Jinping would in fact be transforming the Asian nation, according to Soros, into a “capillary controlled company with the electronic eyes of the authorities”.

The intervention of the billionaire at the Davos forum then proceeded with harsh criticism of the project, promoted by Beijing, of the “New Silk Road “, as “directed exclusively to promote the interests of China to the detriment of those of other nations “. He then defined the growing economic influence of the former “Celestial Empire” in Africa as founded on the “systematic corruption of local officials” and on a real “raid of the resources of that continent”.

Soros also urged the Trump administration to pursue “zero tolerance” towards the Eastern country. The tycoon, instead of “venturing into customs wars with the whole world”, should in fact, according to the magnate, “focus on how to counter the threat posed by Beijing”. In particular, the White House tenant should, in order to safeguard American society from “harmful Chinese infiltration”, launch rigid bans on entry into the US of the ” technological products ” of the Asian nation. According to the founder of the Open Society Foundations , the latter, especially the Huawei and Zte devices , would be programmed to carry out a “systematic”spying “of US citizens.

Soros concluded his speech in Davos by addressing “strong encouragement” to the Chinese people , which he referred to as “not yet completely flattened on the executive line”. According to the eighty-eight-year-old, within the civil society of the Eastern nation, an “instinct of rebellion ” would increasingly grow to the interference of the Communist Party and the development of this sentiment would “hope” about a “not too distant democratization ” of the giant Asian country.

For the moment, the authorities of the former “Celestial Empire” have not issued official comments on the “words of fire” directed towards them by the founder of the Open Society Foundation.

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