Texas: Venezuela Powder Keg & World War III !

It's Getting Realer by the Minute


With the recognition of the puppet usurper Juan Guaidó as “interim president” of  the Venezuelan Bolivarian Republic (VBR) after the open and transparent election of Nicolas Maduro as the real President in May 2018, the words and actions of the Western fascist bloc, led by the USA, amount to a declaration of war against Venezuela, its government and its people. Venezuela has a right to defend itself, and all decent people and governments in the world should support this defense.

The expulsion of US “diplomats” by Maduro is a rational and legitimate reaction to this, but the US empire has refused to evacuate and has threatened “military options” if the US personnel are forced or threatened. This is criminal insanity, and the end of any pretense of adherence by the US and fascist bloc to international law, democracy or the UN Charter. (UPDATE – Some have been allowed to stay, for now.) The USA is a rouge state, a war criminal, and they and their fascist lackeys in the EU and South America have renounced any claim to legitimacy or independence.  After decades of economic and political warfare against Venezuela, the most recent outrages of the last few days have added Venezuela to the list of potential flashpoints for a Third World War, along with Syria and Donbass. The situation in Venezuela can easily and quickly escalate even beyond the other two.

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For 20 years, since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998, the USA has been at war against Venezuela, its government, economy and people. Back in 2005, when US senators made a request to 10 major oil companies to help poor people in the US after price hikes and record profits for the oil companies, only Citgo, the state owned Venezuelan oil company, responded. With a donation of free heating oil worth $20 million to low income US citizens, nursing homes and housing projects. The other 9 major oil companies, in spite of record profits, did not donate one fucking dime.



 In 2012, when the Obama regime cut heating assistance to the poorest Americans by 25%, Venezuela and Citgo again donated heating oil to America’s poor, as it had every year for the previous six years, but this time to the tune of 40 million gallons, enough for a 3 month supply for 100 thousand low income homes. Instead of thanking Chavez and Citgo for their tremendous generosity, US media presstitutes and government hypocrites called Venezuelan generosity “a ploy” and “a P.R. stunt”, and responded by expanding sanctions against Venezuela, even as hundreds of thousands of US citizens were spared by Citgo from being forced to make the existential choice between paying for either heat or food. Those Americans, and ALL decent Americans, owe a debt of gratitude to Venezuela that they can now repay by opposing the Trump regime’s attack on the sovereign nation. It literally is the least you can do.

But the largess of the VBR does not extend only to the poor of the USA. Since the election of Chavez and the VBR’s path towards socialism in 2000, the quality of life has improved immensely for the vast majority of its citizens. Health care, education, and infrastructure projects aimed at improving the lives of the least advantaged citizens have been the hallmark of the VBR’s governments under Chavez and now Maduro, along with the courageous and ethical choice not to surrender to the attacks of the fascist behemoth to the north. Only idiots and liars say the economic problems that Venezuela suffers from are “caused by socialism”. As with Cuba, huge strides have been made towards improving quality of life for all citizens, only because of socialism, and in spite of the cruel, illegal and unjustified economic sanctions imposed by the USA and its lackeys. As the lives of average Venezuelans are improved under socialist administration in the VBR, life for average citizens in the fascist bloc led by the USA, and in the USA itself, continues to deteriorate at an accelerating pace.

In recent developments, the USA has seized the assets of Citgo, worth over $7 billion, and the Bank of England has de facto stolen 14 tons of Venezuelan gold held in the B of E’s repository. That gold is worth more than $582 million today. This theft, totaling $7.8 Billion is equal to 5% of Venezuela’s GDP, or 25 months of minimum wage pay for every single one of Venezuela’s 32 million citizens. So when you hear some fool or liar say that “Socialism is the cause of Venezuela’s economic problems”, remember the US and UK scum who have stolen multi-billions of dollars that Venezuela earned and rightfully owns.



                                                                  – Michael Parenti

The US economic sanctions against Venezuela, like the ones that murdered over 500,000 children in Iraq, are a form of warfare. The US sanctions against Venezuela particularly target the acquisition of food and medicine, attacking the poor and most vulnerable Venezuelan citizens, who are, in fact, President Maduro’s and the Bolivarian Republic’s strongest supporters. These sanctions, in place and expanded since the beginning of the century, under the Bush, Obama and Trump regimes, have caused countless deaths and suffering, destabilized the economy and government and wreaked havoc on Venezuelan social services and infrastructure.

THEY ARE A FORM OF WAR. And they are absolutely without any justification.

And now the goddamned US government is inciting the violent overthrow of the legitimately elected government, just as they did in Syria and Ukraine. This is a literal declaration of actual war.  Where is the UN on this, where are the economic and political organizations that should be calling these actions by their proper name, “war crimes”? They are where they always are, lining up to drop to their knees and suck the ass of the US and its fascist lackeys.


                                                     MADURO’S ELECTION 

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The May 2018 election of President Maduro involved a 46% turnout of eligible voters, in spite of opposition calls to boycott the elections they knew they had no chance of winning, and in order to call the election results into question. While 46% is undeniably low, it should be remembered that the US presidential elections of 1920, 1924, 1988 and 1996 all had 50% or less turnout of eligible voters, and Trump was elected in an election with a voter turnout of less than 56%, also a remarkably low participation rate.  And speaking of recognizing election results, it must be remembered that Trump “won” the election in spite of the fact that 2.87 million more Americans voted for Clinton than voted for Trump. (Which doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the US voting public either way.)

The voting system in Venezuela has been certified as one of the most open and verifiable systems in the world. It has paper AND electronic components, voters are verified by fingerprint, and each vote is verified with a paper receipt that records who was voted for, saved and counted, and used to confirm the electronic totals. Authentication and verification of vote totals is done 16 times throughout the election process, and can only be done with passwords and participation from all political parties, who certify the counts. Press and international observers are also invited and present.

As Kevin Zeese remarked about the corporate owned computer voting machines in the USA,“The Board of Elections liked the ease of corporations handling much of the voting process for them. It was easier for them and it was impossible to question the result. The recount was phony. If the computer software got it wrong the first time, the same software would get it wrong every time. The computer was always right, even when it was wrong.”  There was no way to prove otherwise.

And the goddamn US government has the impudence to dare to question the VBR’s elections??!

The Venezuelan voting system makes a laughingstock of the corrupt phony joke of a system the USA uses. And of everyone who uses it…


The sudden intensification of the attack against the VBR is a reaction to the stalemate of fascist forces in Syria and Donbass. Fascist plans for war crimes, including false flags, provocations with chemical weapons, and military offensives have been prevented by timely intelligence leaks which have precluded many of these crimes before they even happened. The value of the element of surprise in warfare cannot be overstated.

Likewise, logistics are one of the most important factors. In Donbass, Russia has the huge advantage, in Venezuela, the USA does. In Syria it was even, but the Russians accomplished a lot more. Logistics. As some asshole recently said, “It’s our backyard.”

Maduro was wise to take the good advice from his friends and back off the US “diplomatic personnel” expulsion, but they’ll be like maggots in a festering wound as long as they’re there. And though de-escalation is the strategy of the long game, the VBR just became another serious flashpoint, another escalation point, and will remain so. Once the fascist bulldogs sink their teeth in, they don’t let go.

The decaying fascist regimes in the US and EU know their days of unilateralism and empire are numbered and coming to an end. A world war is their only hope for erasing their impossible to repay debts and to try to maintain their hegemony. They will have this war sooner or later, inevitably, unless, and ONLY unless, the citizens of these nations rise up, seize their rightful power and stop these criminal and truly evil juggernauts themselves. The choice is stark – revolution or world war that will without question result in the mass extinction of all or almost all human life on Earth.

There is still a chance to avert this global catastrophe, if people under fascist regimes take a lesson from the people of Venezuela, of Donbass, of Syria, and recently, the best people in France have done just that with the Yellow Jackets Movement. The French Yellow Jackets have even inspired Texans to begin to move from talk to action. I applaud these Texans for their courage and wisdom. More people should do the same.

As Chris Hedges (one of the best political analysts in the USA today) concluded in his recent article The World to Come –

“All efforts to reform the American system is capitulation… There is one ruling party. The corporate party…

We must carry out organized civil disobedience and forms of non-cooperation to weaken corporate power. We must use, as in France, widespread and sustained social unrest to push back against the designs of our corporate masters. We must sever ourselves from reliance on corporations in order to build independent, sustainable communities and alternative forms of power. The less we need corporations the freer we will become. This will be true in every aspect of our lives, including food production, education, journalism, artistic expression and work. Life will have to be communal. No one, unless he or she is part of the ruling elite, will have the resources to survive alone.

The longer we pretend this dystopian world is not imminent, the more unprepared and disempowered we will be. The ruling elite’s goal is to keep us entertained, frightened and passive while they build draconian structures of oppression grounded in this dark reality. It is up to us to pit power against power. Ours against theirs.”

So there is your choice, our power or theirs. Them or us. Revolution or slavery and world war. Life or death. Take a lesson from the heroic citizens of Syria, Donbass, France and Venezuela. Support them and emulate them. Take a stand, today, for yourself, your future and that of Humanity.  Sweep aside your fear and impotence, be the hero that all of us are capable of being. Be inspired and activated by these examples, and set examples of your own, to inspire and activate others. Courage, like cowardice, is contagious, so choose which side you’re on and make your stand. And whichever side you choose, to be a Hero or a coward, may you get everything you deserve.

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