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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 6 articles about Eurasia, Turkey, Ukraine, Defense, Headline-News, Russia, Finance, Anglo-5, Latin-America, United-States, Venezuela, Vietnam, Israel, Mena.
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Poroshenko boasts of getting Turkish bomber-drones

Published 2019-01-12 19:07:28 by Tom Winter in Eurasia, Turkey, Ukraine

The video in his tweet,  A lovely showing of where the US and IMF money is going. Text of his tweet: As we have agreed with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an agreement has been signed on the purchase of Bayraktar TB2 Turkish drones for the Ukrainian army. We continue to rearm the Ukrainian army with modern models that meet NATO standards! As the news appears in today’s NewsFrontFrance: STANDARD OF LIVING IN COLLAPSE, SO MR POROSHENKO BUYS WAR WEAPONS Ukrainian president congratulates himself over signing a deal with Turkey for some drones. This is what Poroshenko said on… Continue ->

Tags: Poroshenko, Strike Drone, Turkey

NATO Power Turkey Upsets Washington By Always Preferring Russia

Published 2019-01-12 18:18:46 by Paul Antonopoulos in Defense, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey is ready to study the US offer on Patriot air defense systems, but considers the purchase unacceptable if it involves the abdication of Russian S-400 systems, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. “Turkey may in the future buy the Patriot systems, but it does not consider it possible if the purchase is in a condition of abdicating the S-400,” Cavusoglu said on the NTV channel. Previously, the agency Anadolu reported that the US delegation had in Turkey an offer to sell Patriot systems, including four radar AN / MPQ-65, four control centers, 10 sets of antennas,… Continue ->

Tags: Russia, S-400, Turkey

Destroying the Dollar: Russia Reinforces National Reserves with Shares in Yuan, Euro and Yen

Published 2019-01-12 15:01:01 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW, Russia – The measure came after Moscow signaled a willingness to reduce its dependence on the dollar, noting that there are no plans to restrict transactions in the US currency. Russia has said that the goal of de-dollarization is to improve the integrity of the Russian economy by protecting itself from the wave of US sanctions. At the end of July 2018, the Russian Central Bank reduced the share of the dollar in its international reserves to 24.4%, while increasing the shares in euros and yuan to 32% and 14.7%, respectively, according to valuations banking services. At the same… Continue ->

Tags: Dollar, Russia, US, USD

As US Plans With Puppets to Destroy Venezuela, Russia CONFIRMS Strong Support for Maduro

Published 2019-01-12 13:16:44 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States, Venezuela

MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian government has expressed its repudiation of the United States’ intention to create a parallel government in Venezuela. “The blatant policy of Washington, which aims at an unconstitutional formation of alternative structures of government in Venezuela, is an attack open to that country’s sovereignty,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The strong reaction from Moscow comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo contacted Venezuelan parliament leader Juan Guaidó on Thursday to “work together on a wide range of issues affecting Venezuela.” Pompeo, director of the CIA until March 2018, had a telephone conversation… Continue ->

Tags: LATAM, Maduro, Russia, US, Venezuela

How Prestigious Will Vietnam Become with Fifth Generation Russian Su-57 Fighters?

Published 2019-01-12 12:45:35 by Paul Antonopoulos in Defense, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Vietnam

MOSCOW, Russia – Vietnam’s intention to buy 12 fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighters led experts to analyze the military potential of Asian countries and to conclude that the brand new Russian fighters would be able to make the Vietnamese Air Force one of the strongest in Southeast Asia, writes Military Watch. “As Vietnam lacks AWACS, such as the A-50, the Su-57’s advanced sensors would provide an unprecedented level of situational recognition, while Su-57’s long range and high altitude would be excellent for patrolling the disputed South China Sea, a region where China’s military presence has grown considerably,” according to the magazine…. Continue ->

Tags: Russia, Vietnam

Russia Hacking the Israeli Elections? Moscow Laughs Off Ridiculous Claims by Zionist Media

Published 2019-01-12 11:43:39 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Israel, Mena, Russia

MOSCOW, Russia – The Israeli media are full of speculation that Russia is preparing to meddle in the April parliamentary election to help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stay in power. The Kremlin recommended ignoring this news. Speculation was initiated by Nadav Argaman, head of Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet, who said on Monday that a foreign power is preparing to interfere in the swift parliamentary election scheduled for April. The warning came during an event hosted by the Friends of Tel Aviv University, but the broadcast was partially drafted by the Israeli military censor. “I cannot say at this… Continue ->

Tags: Bibi, Israel, Russia

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