Trying to Tighten ‘Anaconda Knot’: US Surround’ Maritime Borders, But Russia Is Ready to Respond


MOSCOW, Russia – US destroyers have just entered the southern part of the Baltic Sea, near Russian territorial waters. In this connection, an expert ensures that Russia is able to counteract any threat, “if need be.”

American warships USS Gravely and USS Porter recently entered the Baltic Sea. The Boiky and Soobrazitelny corvettes of the Russian Navy began to monitor the actions of these ships.

Russian military expert Andrei Koshkin expressed his opinion on the situation.

“The situation worsens mainly because of US President Donald Trump’s declaration that the start of a new stage of ‘Star Wars’. The missile defense systems installed aboard ships are a kind of priority for the US,” he said.

“Americans are trying to squeeze an ‘anaconda knot’ around Russia’s maritime borders, but they must take into account that Russia is able to counteract any such threat,” he said.

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In that connection, the expert added that all US ships and other NATO member countries “are being escorted by our [Russian] ships, which not only control their actions, but can counteract a threat if it occurs.”

“So, regardless of the US desire to worsen the situation in the region, Russia is ready to respond to the abuse of its peaceful spirit and wisdom with hard measures if need be,” he concluded.

Last week, the national defense control center also reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is monitoring the US destroyer USS Donald Cook, who is in that sea. The destroyer is being escorted by Russia’s Pytlivy patrol vessel and tracked with electronic and technical surveillance capabilities, the center added.

This comes as the US continually tries to provoke Russia and restrict Moscow’s independent foreign policy that is not aligned with Washington. It is for this reason that the US continues to target Russia through provocation and economic sanctions.

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