UKRAINE GEARING UP FOR WAR, But Will NATO Help Against Russia?

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KIEV, Ukraine – A new attempt by Ukrainian military ships to pass through the Kerch Strait will be “more prepared,” Lieutenant General Vasily Bogdan said in an interview with the Fakty newspaper.

“This time, NATO and OSCE ships will join us. There are already such agreements,” said the Ukrainian general.

Bogdan was confident that Moscow would have to let the Ukrainian ships cross the Kerch Straits because it did not want to “aggravate the situation”.

However, the Ukrainian general failed to indicate the concrete date of the passage, noting that “everything has its time.”

Provocation of the Ukrainian Navy

The last major provocation on the Ukrainian side took place on November 25, when three Ukrainian navy ships crossed the Russian border, ignoring the demands of the Russian Coast Guard. All Ukrainian ships were seized and the crews were detained. The Russian side has opened a criminal case for breach of the border.

After the incident, the Ukrainian parliament approved the imposition of martial law in 10 regions of Ukraine for 30 days.

According to the Russian leader, the hostile Ukrainian action in the Black Sea is associated with the low popularity of the president of the Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko, on the eve of the elections.

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The Deputy of the Crimean State Council Vladislav Ganzhar said the emergence of Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait is unlikely.

“When it comes to military ships … there is nothing else in the Ukrainian fleet, the vessels that are in detention were probably their flagships,” said the deputy to the RT channel.

This probably explains Ukraine’s desperation to sail against Russia with NATO backing.

According to him, the Ukrainian sailors are demoralized by the last incident provoked by the authorities of Ukraine in the Strait of Kerch. At the same time, Ganzhara pointed out that the navigation of regular ships will not be questioned by Russia.

“There is a protocol that, prior to the incident in the strait, allowed Ukrainian ships, including military ones, to pass under the bridge,” he noted.

The deputy stressed that after the violation at Russian borders, any actions of Ukraine in the Kerch Strait will receive “special attention” from Russia.

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