US encourages Brazil to become a puppet against Russia, Venezuela and China


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – US President Donald Trump should seize a historic opportunity to bring the United States closer to Brazil under the command of former Brazilian Army captain Jair Bolsonaro with a focus on barring Russia and China’s “evil intentions” in South America, said Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

In an article published on the website of the CNN network, Rubio affirmed that Bolsonaro’s presence in the Brazilian Presidency marks a new era in Brazilian politics, after the ” leftist, anti-American governments of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Roussef,” allowing a ” historic opportunity “to bring the two countries together.

“A strong, vibrant and democratic Brazil that is more closely aligned with the United States as a strategic partner can be a force multiplier in addressing the ongoing crisis in Venezuela (where governance has deteriorated and there is widespread corruption), and in countering the malign intentions of authoritarian regimes like China, Russia and Iran that intend to expand their presence and activities in Latin America,” Rubio wrote.

The senator, who was defeated by Trump in the Republican party in 2016, stressed that the White House must act swiftly to strengthen ties of defense and intelligence, increase investment in commerce, cooperation in the energy sector, Brazil to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), expanding US access to the Brazilian space industry and additional cooperation against terrorism and transnational criminal networks.

Rubio recalled that the well-known lack of US support for Brazil’s entry into the OECD was due to the desire of past Brazilian leaders to align more closely with the developing world and to support policies contrary to the core principles of the organization, something that changed with the Bolsonaro government.

The Republican has shown great interest in the space base of Alcântara, in Maranhão. Without mentioning the location, Rubio explained that Brazil could be a new partner to improve US space capabilities and expand our space cooperation.

“In August, the United States and Brazil signed a Spatial Situational Awareness Agreement, which will allow greater awareness of the operations of each nation in space. This is particularly useful because Brazil seeks to increase its presence in the small satellite launch market, he pondered.

Brazil has enacted laws to protect foreign intellectual property and its geographic location offers a potential for space launch. If executed well, a closer partnership between Brazilian and US companies such as Boeing and Embraer will bring benefits to both nations, he claimed.


Rubio also mentioned that Bolsonaro can help the Trump administration and deal with Venezuela and its president, Nicolás Maduro. The senator defended US investments in Brazilian soil in sectors such as energy, which would help push small countries away from their dependence on Venezuelan oil, which helps create dependency on the “regime” of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a supposed state sponsor of drug trafficking.

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Jeff Z
Jeff Z
2 years ago

Have Brazil call Turkey (or take a look at Ukraine) to see how being one of the Empire’s “tools” can work out.

Master Oroko
Master Oroko
2 years ago

Looks like Little Marco is at it again.

2 years ago

If Brazilians allow this to happen, they will deserve everything that comes their way.

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