US Senators Admit Ukraine is an ‘Uncontrollable Problem’ for US and EU


In the US there was a meeting between Republican senators and representatives of various Ukrainian civil organizations, after lawmakers strongly criticized Ukraine’s policy, according to International Policy Digest.

Above all, the senators said that Ukraine has become an uncontrollable country for the US and the European Union, according to the issue.

US politicians have pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities follow an extremely unproductive economic policy.

According to them, international financial institutions contribute billions of dollars to Ukraine, however, the frenzied corruption and sterile expenditures for the internal conflict in Donbass, make international efforts redundant. This also leads to the gradual reduction of the country’s GDP, recorded in recent years, as well as the massive emigration of Ukrainians.

In addition, the senators criticized the Ukrainian president, Pyotr Poroshenko, for the method he chose to pursue his opponents with the help of the law. According to them, the public security organs are used in the country to fulfill political goals, while the courts, controlled by politicians and influential entrepreneurs, are far from independent, frequently sentencing political enemies, stressed the issue.

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In particular, American politicians have criticized a lawsuit against former President Viktor Yanukovych, which they called a “parody of judgment,” claiming that the charge was made without providing substantial evidence of treason. In addition, in the course of the proceedings, a large number of material violations and negligence of the law were registered, while the trial was concluded with contempt for the supremacy of Ukrainian norms and universal principles of justice and human rights, added International Policy Digest.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN, Vladimir Yelchenko, said he did not expect a brief peaceful resolution of the conflict at Donbass.

“I do not think it’s going to happen,” Yelchenko told the Ucrinform agency in an interview about the possibility of solving the crisis in Donbass in the near future.

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