US uses double standards when criticizing Russian Nord Stream 2 Project


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – According to European and US experts, Washington is making a “double play” by criticizing the project that will bring more Russian gas to Europe.

According to German political scientist Aleksandr Rahr, “Americans for years accuse Russia of allegedly using energy resources as weapons to control and conquer Europe.”

“They are now using the political instruments to pressure Germany, threatening to take sanctions against German companies, all to ensure the supply of their natural liquefied gas (LNG) to Europe. The US is using its gas as a weapon. This is clear to everyone, and this dubious morality is not acceptable to Germany,” Rahr added.

Rahr thinks that “if Germany yields to the Nord Stream issue, it will expose itself to ridicule.” For the analyst, Berlin has already “depoliticized” the theme and brought the project as “commercial” and as something supported by German companies.

“The Americans want to force Europeans, particularly the Germans, to continue to keep Ukraine active. That is, we need to ban the Russians from building gas pipelines without going through Ukraine, which will become a monopolized transit country and will also use the power supply as a weapon. This is clear for Germany, which historically supports an energy alliance with Russia,” Rahr concluded.

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A former US diplomat, based in Washington, Michael Springmann, seems to agree with the opinion of the European analyst. The former diplomat said that US pressure on the pipeline is basically another attempt by the US government to control both Europe and Russia.

“The United States has sought to block gas pipelines that could deliver cheaper gas to Europe. The US is seeking to use its pressure in Europe to undermine the Russian economy by cutting off natural gas sales so we could buy more expensive American liquefied gas, which will also hurt Europeans by raising prices in a vital part of their economy.”

Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture between Russia’s Gazprom and four European companies. In addition to the Austrian OMV AG, France Engie (France), Royal Dutch Shell (UK and Germany), Uniper and Wintershall (Germany) will participate. The project is expected to be completed before the end of 2019 and provides for the construction of two pipelines starting in Russia, via the Baltic Sea and a hub in Germany, without passing through the territory of Ukraine, which opposes the construction of the route. Poland and the United States are also protesting against the project.

Washington has spoken out against Nord Stream on a number of occasions, saying the bill would increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, said Donald Trump is only defending the interests of US companies that want to sell more expensive LNG to Europe.

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