Venezuela Thanks Russia For Friendship During Time of Crisis


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that his country is grateful for the support received from Russia, China and the international community.

The Venezuelan chancellor thanked Russian diplomacy in particular for its efforts to denounce the pressures the country has been undergoing in recent months by the United States.

“Russian diplomacy at all levels beginning with the president himself, Foreign Minister [Sergey] Lavrov, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Maria Zakharova], acted with great political and legal force, denouncing for weeks the attempt of the US state carrying out a coup in Venezuela,” the minister said.

“[Russian diplomacy] has issued opinions, denouncing every action, every interference, every intrusion of the USA. And not only in solidarity with Venezuela and President Maduro, but in respect of public international law, to the sovereignty of Venezuela, to non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, ie in respect of the Charter of the United Nations and its most elementary principles,” added Arreaza.

“We have always recognized the fundamental importance of Russia’s respect for Venezuelan sovereignty and the comprehensive cooperation we have established in recent years,” he concluded.

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Although the US, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile and Colombia, among others, recognized the self-proclaimed presidency of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, most of the international community continues to support Nicolás Maduro. This is the case in Russia, China, Turkey and Iran. Even the European Union, whose authorities have spoken out in favor of the opposition, has not officially followed the United States.

Arreaza said he considered it a natural thing, because Venezuela is still governed by laws and by the Constitution.

“A transparent and free electoral process has taken place, which has resulted in a new popular mandate for President Maduro to carry out his constitutionally for the next six years. Most countries, those who have not taken orders from Washington, recognize the Venezuelan Constitution and, therefore, its legitimate authorities,” said the agency’s interlocutor.

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